Zinc FF7 Rebirth: Where to find this ore and what is it used for?

News tip Zinc FF7 Rebirth: Where to find this ore and what is it used for?

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In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you can craft items, equipment, accessories, and even basic items using materials collected in various explorable areas. Some resources only appear in certain areas, such as zinc ore. We explain where to find zinc in FF7 Rebirth!

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Where to find zinc in FF7 Rebirth?

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirthyou will be able to explore large open areas not only as part of the story, but also to complete the exploration reports given by Chadley or even side quests taken from NPCs. Each area has its own environment, such as the large grassy areas in the Meadowhis mountains Heraits desert Corelhis jungle Gongagaits valley Cosmoand the islands south of it Nibelwhich affects the resources you can find while walking.

Indeed, some materials only appear in certain areas, such as Zinc ore. To find zinc in FF7 Rebirth, you won't be able to turn to Prairie or Junon. This resource first appears on Corelin the level of small colored rocks that you can collect with triangle . You can also find them in all the areas below, but that's about it Corel that it occurs in abundance, especially in the desert part. However, if you're having trouble finding them, know that you can buy them at Chocobo Shops once you get to Gongaga area.

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What is zinc used for in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirthyou have access to its functionality Composition since the Chapter 2which allows you to use the materials you collect to craft useful items such as Filters and Ethers, equipment and accessories, and even essential items necessary to advance certain side quests. With the zinc oreyou will be able to create objects like the Guard ArmsTHE Reinforced bulletproof vestthere Platinum earringTHE Ancient amuletTHE Star pendantand even the Fruit of absolute resistance.

Zinc FF7 Rebirth: Where to find this ore and what is it used for?Zinc FF7 Rebirth: Where to find this ore and what is it used for?

But that's not all, because the zinc ore is a necessary element for its composition Boiler valvea key element you will need to help it Johnny as part of the mission Johnny's cottage renovation. In addition, you will need iron ore which is available in all regions but especially in Livadi areaand his amethystwhich occurs in abundance in the Corel regionjust like the zinc ore.

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