'You should try to use it before others,' Final Fantasy 15 director worries about AI

Game news 'You should try to use it before others,' Final Fantasy 15 director worries about AI

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Video game development is a field whose production methods are changing extremely quickly. Technologies are constantly evolving and creators need to adapt as well as be at the source of new tools. This is essentially Hajime Tabata's (Final Fantasy XV) speech, given during a recent online exchange.

These two former Square Enix executives answer questions about the future of the industry

The history of video games is marked by important developments, both technological and creative. From arcade to consoles and from 2D to 3D, including the size of worlds, rendering and animation techniques, the importance of different systems and even programming languages, there have been many developments. If, for many, these developments are less obvious, they are nevertheless numerous. During a rrecent webinar streamed by 4GamerYoichi Wada, former CEO of Square Enix, and Hajime Tabata discussed the topic at length “Is there a future for the video game industry?“.

It's true that when we look at the force with which today's industry is shrinking, we might wonder where it's headed. Each of the participants had prepared five key answers to this question, thus approaching the question from different angles. One of those angles was the use of genetic artificial intelligence, a topic that is very much agitating the industry at the moment. From Andrew Wilson (EA) to Takashi Kiryu (Square Enix), many executives are talking about artificial intelligence as an important technology for the future of video games.

Obviously, the players and developers are divided from the question because it involves a lot of things on a creative level, on an employment level, and on an industry-wide level. It is also a matter of attraction investorswho have cooled off from the post-Covid period and who are particularly drawn to AI, as they were (and sometimes still are) by NFTs, the metaverse or cryptocurrencies.

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For the director of Final Fantasy XV, the use of artificial intelligence will become necessary to be a developer in the industry

Hajime Tabata is quite alarming about AI, but not in the way you might think. For him, Having never used genetic AI will become a hindrance for developers to enter the industry. According to him, artificial intelligence has had a big influence on video games in 2023 and the next developers should be open to all of them. He adds that to be a creator one must be open to new technologies and ideas such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Web3 or the metaverse.

While it matters whether you like the game yourself or not, game development is a service industry and therefore you can only make money if you provide people with a satisfying product. For example, with Generative AI, you should try to use it before others and try paid services, even if there is a free version available. You should want to experience every new thing that comes out.

First hired at Tecmo, Hajime Tabata then arrived at Square Enix to work on mobile productions. He quickly moved on to find himself directing Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. He then worked on the design of the Final Fantasy XIII universe, Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Type-0), a spin-off of Parasite Eve, and then Kingdom Hearts Coded. He was ultimately the one who recovered the difficult project that was released under the name of Final Fantasy XV.

Are also the one who founded Luminous Productionsbefore stepping down in November 2018. Although he no longer works for or with Square Enix, Hajime Tabata seems to share his view Takashi Kiryu, who earlier this year wanted Square Enix to be more aggressive in its use of genetic AI in game development. Previously, it was Yosuke Matsuda, another former Square Enix CEO, who believed blockchain had its place in title development.

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