WoW players have noticed some very strange details about the MMO's new game mode

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The very recent development of Patch 10.2.6: Plunderstorm of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was enough to excite the players of Blizzard's famous MMORPG. Out of nowhere, this update allowed the publisher's first Battle Royale to see the light of day in the form of a temporary event completely unexpected by the community. Except some have found a solution to get the cosmetics…

The concept of Plunderstorm, WoW's Battle Royale

The idea of ​​creating a Battle Royale may seem ridiculous in 2024, the hype has passed for this style of play, however it is the crazy bet of Patch 10.2.6: Plunderstorm. A true outdoor test that all World of Warcraft subscription players can dive into, it allows everyone to rediscover the Arathi Highlands in the form of a massive battlefield where enemies and loot have changed a lot.

Armed with a total of only two skills, you must battle against creatures in the area and surrounding players to gain new skills (two offensive, two utility, and one usable item at a time) as well as experience to level up and power up to level 10 max.

The idea is simple, fun and much talked about in the community, although the feedback seems very positive so far. Even more, the ability to earn rewards for Plunderstorm, Dragonflight and Wrath of the Lich King Classic encourages even the most reluctant players to take on this excellent Battle Royale. And while this may seem very beneficial at first glance, a major flaw quickly reared its head…

When the battle isn't profitable enough in Plunderstorm

We could give several reviews of Plunderstorm, both positive and negative. However, the concept is so interesting that for now we'll just say that the concept is promising, it just lacks balance and a bunch of small details. There's a real problem, though, and it's how you get the rewards from this game mode.

Indeed, the currency used to level up once the game starts is the same one used to earn reputation to unlock cosmetic rewards from Plunderstorm: Plunder. It is possible to recover it in chests found everywhere, in the corpses of creatures you kill and those of players. In theory this should have encouraged fans to beat each other up and fight for Top 1… You think!

World of Warcraft is a game that its fans, especially PvE fans, have been fed for far too long to get everything with minimal effort, what had to happen happened. Some, very few fans of Player vs. Player for reasons both legal and personal, chose to find a solution to farm Plunder as quickly as possible and thus get the highest rewards from Plunderstorm without ever having to fight other players.

The situation is currently such that it is very common to encounter players who are level 4 while everyone else is at least level 7. The reason for this is simple: they simply run after chests and computer-controlled creatures and complete the quest available after each landing before letting themselves get killed and restarting a game to farm Renown repeatedly through Plunder. We've recently seen an influx of screenshots from players who have no idea how this mode is played and yet have managed to get the ultimate rewards.

A complete digression when we know that this strategy is not only very mentally draining (losing over and over again, what's the point?), but that along with that whoever wins the game will be rewarded less from Plunder's point of view than if he had restarted a game after a few minutes of playing and let himself get killed.

Currently, Plunderstorm is therefore a Battle Royale that rewards players who… don't fight, yes. Absolute nonsense, which will hopefully soon be fixed to allow those who have chosen to actually invest in this game mode to earn these rewards, not just die in a loop due to lack of interest in it. You may not like Plunderstorm, but you shouldn't expect to get the most interesting rewards from it, it seems like common sense.

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