Wokism, AI… What are these discussions started by the mayor of Toulouse?

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Restoring “the values ​​of democracy” at the heart of the game, in a context of “crisis of confidence in politics”: this is the ambition of a new conference cycle, was baptized The visitor to the Capitol, inaugurated by the mayor Toulouse (unlabeled, ex-LR) and president of Toulouse Métropole, Jean-Luc Moudenc.

“Assuming the division” around the values ​​of Democracy

Concerned about “increasing violence against elected officials” and “debates falling behind” even under the gold of Pale Bourbon, the councilman makes no bones about it: he wants “assume division” between “those who are attached to the values ​​of Democracy” and “those who put themselves outside the democratic field”.

One meeting per quarter

Hosted by journalist Priscille Lacombe, these discussions ca two o'clock it will be “open to all, free and by registration”, in a “central location in Toulouse”. Guests will be paid by the community, which indicates a budget of approx 30,000 euros per conference.

These meetings consist of “taking time to exchange and listen to the words, certainly passionate, but above all the expression of the calm and calm thinking of famous professionals and intellectuals”, explains the resident of the Capitol, who wishes to make it time “peaceful exchange”. issues “that challenge society”.

Who will be the first guest?

At his pace four visitors a year, Jean-Luc Moudenc intends to make this new cycle of conferences a ritual in the Pink City. Three meetings have already been scheduled, all on Pathé Wilson Cinema.

The first will take place on Thursday, March 28, and will have a guest: the philosopher and psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleurywho will talk about his topic Humanism in the city.

Wokism, AI and power in the program

The arrival of the essayist will follow on Thursday, June 13 Chloe Morin. This expert at the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, who was an advisor to Prime Ministers Jean-Marc Ayrault and Manuel Valls, will come to discuss one of her favorite topics: wokism“an ideology that consists in the deconstruction of society,” summarizes Jean-Luc Moudenc.

Video: currently on Actu

Another date was set: the arrival on Tuesday 24 September of the philosopher and writer Charles Pepin, known to France Inter listeners, to discuss “strength and confidence”, indicates the mayor of Toulouse, who also promises the arrival of a fourth guest at the end of the year on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (ALL INCLUDED).

Mayor already a candidate

If these discussions are a first for the city hall and the metropolis of Toulouse, this already exists in the Pink City, since “the Ministry has been doing it for a long time with the Pavillon République” and its ceremonial conferences.

The mayor refuses to see any connection with an upcoming campaign for the 2026 municipal elections in which he is already a candidate: “There is no risk,” he says, “because it is only non-municipal matters”.

Considering that it is his “duty” to contribute to “the effort to reconcile the French with the fundamental values ​​of our Republic”, the mayor of Toulouse, he assures, will do it an honor to “transcend the classic right-left divide, bringing people who have the ability to bring together, excluding the ends.

Practical information:
The visitor to the Capitol

First published on Thursday 28 March 2024 from 7pm. to 8:30 p.m. with Cynthia Fleury
At the Pathé Wilson cinema in Toulouse
Reserve seats at toulouse.metropole.fr

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