With Free, two internet boxes without commitment and without increase

To receive a good connection at home, internet boxes remain a much more effective means of access than mobile data. Especially when it comes to connecting multiple devices at once and soliciting very high speed. Subscribing to a contract-free box brings all the advantages of fixed Internet without imposing any constraints on the contract. With Free, the offers are very enticing: its two fastest fiber optic boxes are available from €29.99/month. Let’s see what the formulas are made of.

For €29.99, this contract-free box goes up to 5 Gb/s

Many customers choose the Freebox Pop, which is in the middle range. There are many reasons for this, starting with its cost: €29.99 per month for one year. Over this whole period, as well as afterwards, it remains a contract-free box. Subscribers can therefore get ahead if they want to avoid the increase to €39.99, which occurs from the first anniversary of the subscription.

The contract-free internet box offers high performance and over 220 channels.

Among other convincing points of this fiber optic box, we also think of the connection speed it offers. The speed is up to 5 Gb/s theoretical, with 2.5 Gb/s on a single device. Free’s internet box also offers WiFi 6, ideal for approaching the available 500 Mb/s wirelessly.

Customers can easily control connections with the internet service provider’s applications. Putting the Freebox on standby, setting up parental controls, and checking connected devices can be done quickly from mobile devices.

Free’s applications also include OQEE TV, a service that provides access to a bouquet of over 220 channels and a catalog of several hundred movies. Subscribers can also watch them on their television, of course. For this, the contract-free box includes a 4K TV decoder.

Finally, the internet box is complemented by several welcome gifts. The 6 months of free Amazon Prime subscription is very appreciable, as well as the 3 months free for Disney+. But also the reimbursement of cancellation fees for the previous offer, up to €100.

Key elements for the Freebox Pop internet box:

  • it’s a contract-free box from the start;
  • it is on sale for €29.99/month for one year;
  • Ultra-high-speed goes up to 5 Gb/s shared for downloads;
  • TV package with over 220 channels;
  • 6 months of free Amazon Prime, 3 months of Disney+.
OQEE TV app by Free

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Free also offers access to the best performance of its network via a contract-free box. It’s the Freebox Delta, an offer on sale for one year at €39.99/month. It allows you to combine very formidable speed and a large number of entertainment options. The total cost is very profitable, and remains so even after one year, when the full price of €49.99/month arrives. If you are tempted, all you have to do is take the eligibility test for Free’s fiber for your home.

Delta contract-free fast box

The fastest of the contract-free boxes on the market is with Free.

To give an idea of the performance available on this fiber optic box, you also need to look at the theoretical speed. Here, no sharing: with a single device, it is possible to go up to 8 Gb/s in download, under the best conditions. It’s quite dizzying, and very practical for people who need to exchange large files in a few moments. It also allows for the support of multiple demanding connections simultaneously.

Contract-free internet box.


The contract-free box doesn’t just have its speed going for it. It is also very advanced for television, with over 270 channels included. For this, it notably includes TV by Canal in its package, as well as several international channels. Furthermore, Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions are included unlimitedly.

This doesn’t stop Free from adding 3 months free on Disney+ to the internet box. Customers therefore have plenty of choices for entertainment. Not to mention that they can easily add other subscriptions, since the included decoder works with Android TV.

Some interesting points on this fiber optic box:

  • it’s still a contract-free box, on promotion for one year;
  • it offers up to 8 Gb/s in download;
  • includes WiFi 6E standard;
  • a WiFi 6 repeater is included on request;
  • +270 channels, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video included with no time limit.
Netflix with Freebox

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