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Bargain seekers can rejoice. Some providers still offer bundled internet box deals with a free plan. Consequently, the MaPetiteBox editorial team returns to Free and Orange internet subscriptions. Currently, they offer fiber optic boxes with a minimalistic mobile design is offered. Enough to kill two birds with one stone. What are these online boxes? What free mobile plan are they available with?

Freebox Revolution online box + a free 50MB pack

Free is used to deals and good deals on its internet offerings and mobile plans. The provider is extending some offers, including those on free-plan internet boxes. Currently, Freebox Revolution Light and a 50MB bundle from the carrier are available a total of €29.99/month. Which is only equivalent to the price of the internet box. Therefore, the mobile program is completely free.

Here is the combined Free offer.

Online box promotion.


First off, Freebox Revolution is Free's introductory internet offering. No more 12 months of reduction giving way to an expensive full price. From now on, the internet box with free plan is available at fixed rate of €29.99/month and without long-term commitment.

The Free fiber optic box includes optical fiber with a maximum internet speed of 1 Gb/s for downloading and 600 Mb/s for sending. The whole thing, on Wi-Fi 5. Among the options immediately included, the internet box includes the standard Free TV package, OQEE by Free, as well as access to Free Ligue 1. Otherwise, Prime Video is available for free for 6 months.

As for the free mobile plan, it's a minimalist offering with 50MB. It is initially offered at €2/month, so it is free for Freebox subscribers. So subscribers can also benefit 2 hours calls, unlimited SMS and MMS in France (including the DOM) as well as from the E.U. In addition, the 50 MB can also be used from Europe.

In summary, the internet box with free package includes:

  • the Freebox Revolution Light with optical fiber up to 1 Gb/s.
  • OQEE TV from Free and Free Ligue 1 included.
  • Prime Video free for 6 months.
  • a free 50 MB plan with 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS.
Speed ​​test for free.

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Internet box with free plan: 2 months free on Livebox Fiber

Orange presents a similar and equally competitive internet offering. The ISP highlights the Livebox Fiber with mobile plan €0. But be careful, after 6 months, the package increases to €5.99/month.

Livebox with free program

Orange responds directly to Free with internet box + free plan.

Online box promotion.

during 6 months

First of all, Orange offers the Livebox Fiber internet box. Available at its price €24.99/month for 6 months with a commitment of 12 months. Then, its full price is €42.99/month. Little added bonus: subscribers can be reimbursed for 2 months of subscription after signing up.

The internet box with free package offers internet speed up to 500 Mb/s with Livebox 5. That's not all, since a bouquet of 140 TV channels is included. Upon request, it is possible to obtain the 4K TV decoder (activation fee €40). For true replay fans, it is possible to increase the storage capacity of the Orange TV decoder to enjoy even more content. In addition to this, calls are unlimited to landlines in France and to more than 110 destinations.

To accompany this offer, Orange is adding a mobile plan free for 6 months. This is the 100MB offer. Then the price increases to €5.99/month and no long-term commitment. Good news, the internet box with free plan includes blocked mobile subscription. It therefore offers 100 MB, as well as 2 hours of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS in France (including the DOM) and from the European Union, Switzerland and Andorra.

In total, the internet package with the Orange package includes:

  • the Livebox Fiber;
  • a free 100MB plan.
  • Orange fiber up to 500 Mb/s.
  • Orange TV;
  • 2 hours calls, unlimited SMS and MMS.
Moving and ending Livebox

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