Which internet box with free Disney+ to choose between Free and SFR?

What if the time has come to combine the benefits with an internet offer? This is what Free and SFR propose with their internet boxes offering Disney+. SVOD enthusiasts can centralize their subscriptions while accumulating several months offers on their favorite streaming platforms. The two fiber optic boxes in question are the Freebox Pop and SFR Fibre Power. How can you get them? What are all the advantages included with these promo boxes? These are the questions that bargain hunters may have. Here are several elements of response.

Freebox Pop: an internet box with Disney+ and other services included

Free assumes its status as a disruptor in the market. Indeed, the telecommunications operator maintains affordable prices, while the competition is raising all its rates. Witness the Freebox Pop, always available for €29.99/month with no commitment. The promotional period of 12 months is also maintained, for a increase to €39.99/month only after a year on the internet box with Disney+.

L’offre internet Freebox Pop inclus bel et bien Disney+ pendant 3 mois.

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