What was initially planned for the transportation system

Red Dead Redemption II is a game that has a lot of cut content. Indeed, it is possible to find this content in the game files and make it appear thanks to various modding tools. This dossier will focus on the cut content for the transportation system. Trains, Wagons, boats or even carts have been found in the game files.

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The transportation system of Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II already has a wide variety of transport systems. We can find many boats, many horse-drawn vehicles, trains or even hot air balloons. The transportation system of the star-studded game is already very diversified. However, did you know that a large part of what was planned has been cut from the game before being released? We will discover together what has been removed from the game.


In the released version of Red Dead Redemption 2, there are only two types of trains. Those are for passengers and freight. In Red Dead Online, the freight train is the only train present in free mode.

Regarding the trains, there are several wagons that have been completely or partially cut. We were supposed to find different interiors of passenger wagons that unfortunately ended up cut.

First, there is a night wagon for the “high” class. In this car, it is possible to find seats and beds for overnight trips. This is a VIP wagon due to the patterns and fabrics used. The patterns on the benches and the beds are historically representative of the bourgeoisie of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The central aisle has been painted, unlike the other passenger wagons. This car is part of the partially cut content of Red Dead Redemption II. Indeed, this wagon appears in a cinematic in which Captain Monroe and Reverend Swanson board the train.

In addition to the VIP night wagon, Rockstar worked on the same type of wagon, but for a lower class. This wagon is part of the completely cut content since it never appears in the game. Regarding the design and comfort of this car, it is much more minimalist than that of the high society. The patterns are simple and minimalist compared to the patterns found in the wagons intended for the bourgeoisie of the 18th century.

Another wagon is present in the game files. It is a car with private cabins for the upper class. The patterns on the carpet on the floor and the wood used prove that this wagon is intended for financially comfortable travelers.

The interior of the cabins is also modeled. There are patterns engraved in the wood and patterns on the bench and the floor. The wood is of quality and is regularly found in the grand mansions of Saint-Denis.

An unfinished 3D model of a train stopper was found in the game files. Not being finished, this model is not usable and it is therefore normal that it is not in the final version of the game.

To finish on the part of the trains, a portion of the line leading to Nuevo Paraíso was cut from the game. It was the line of the red train in Red Dead Redemption. The blue train line was also cut. It is quite justified that these lines be cut as they led to Mexico which was not modeled in Red Dead Redemption II.

However, these lines could have been used later in the game with the arrival of Mexico, with the remake/remaster of Red Dead Redemption that was planned. The latest news is that this project is currently canceled.


Red Dead Redemption II has many carts pulled by one or more horses. In the game files, there is a two-seater vehicle drawn by a horse. This is not available in Red Dead Redemption II or in Red Dead Online. It has been completely cut from the final version of the game.


The marine world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the least developed aspects of the game. However, the ambitions for this world were rather high, especially thanks to Guarma. Apart from the archipelago, it was possible to drive most of the boats, including the large boats in Saint-Denis. Currently, this feature would have been useless, as we have almost no accessible water areas in free mode in Red Dead Redemption II or Red Dead Online.

Regarding Guarma, a ferry was going to allow players to teleport whenever they wanted. In addition, a warship in Guarma sailed between the different islands of the archipelago. The interior of the ship was textured and the player would have been able to go inside at any time. If you want more details, you can see our dossier on the cut content of Guarma: Red Dead Redemption 2: Guarma what was originally planned.

Our dossier is now complete. We hope you enjoyed it and learned many details about what was originally planned for the transportation system. Soon, you will find a new episode of “What was originally planned”.

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