What is behind the financial success of EA Sports with the game FC24?

Since its creation in 1993 by Electronic Arts, the Fifa franchise has established itself as the benchmark for console football games. Through this success, EA Sports has managed to satisfy football fans around the world with its game quality, team authenticity and player realism, adding new features and the latest updates every year.

EA Sports, the iconic publisher of virtual football games

As a pillar of the video game industry, EA Sports stands out especially in the field of virtual football. Its titles in the Fifa franchise have been able to adapt to changing demands and technologies, allowing each new game to establish itself as an evolution compared to the last. With FC24, the latest project, EA Sports breaks all records: the publisher announced that it has generated unprecedented revenue: $1.95 billion in 2023.

With this 3% increase compared to the previous year, we can clearly conclude that the name change did not affect the progress of the American giant. However, it is difficult to see the real developments in the game in recent years.

Micro transactions, the goose that lays the golden eggs for FC24

What makes FC24 unique and partly explains this financial success is its smart microtransaction system. Players can purchase player packs to improve their teams in the Ultimate Team mode, generating significant revenue for the company. These paid options created a dynamic and competitive gaming experience that appealed to a large number of players but disgusted a few.

Because in reality, players who wish to be competitive in FUT mode absolutely must have a good team. The only way to have a good team is to open card packs with credits or Fifa points. A professional player spends at least €1500 to €2000 per season to build a good team and be able to compete in various national and international competitions.

The world's best-selling cultural product, the game is not free. It retails for around €65/€70 when released, not counting special editions including credits. Unlike many other games, FC24 can be purchased annually if you want to access competitive mode. While fans thought they would get a fully remastered version moving to next-gen consoles like the PS5, they were disappointed. Few changes had been made and some even felt that the game was unplayable in competitive mode. However, they have no choice but to get it as soon as possible to get ahead of the others in building their team. We better understand the financial success of this product.

The competitive scene in Fifa to increase sales and make players dream

FC24's impact is not limited to its sales: the title has also contributed to the growth of esports in France and around the world. The excitement generated by this game allowed the Professional Football League (LFP) to launch its own competition on FC24, highlighting the best French and international players of the opus and enhancing the appeal of esports to football fans.

League 1 brings together 13 professional football teams who have each selected 2 players to represent them. The Girondins de Bordeaux for example, supported by EGS in Bordeaux, are participating in this online tournament despite being relegated to League 2 Football more than a year ago. Because in reality, you don't have to be a League 1 club to enter the competition.

Liste des clubs engagés en eligue 1
- AJ Auxerre
- AS Monaco
- Clermont
- ESTAC (Troyes)
- Girondins de Bordeaux
- FC Lorient
- FC Nantes
- LOSC (Lille)
- Montpellier
- OM (Marseille)
- OL (Lyon)
- PSG (Paris)
- Strasbourg

Professional players compete for the duration of a championship with winning matches per meeting at the end of which the best 6 will compete in the playoffs. The competition is fierce and players come from all over the world to represent our French teams. This competition, run jointly by EA Sports and the LFP, allows FC24 to maintain a competitive scene and thus increase the desire of amateur players to acquire better cards to compete with the pros.

Ultimately, whether we like it or not, EA Sports has been able to tap into this new generation of esports players who want to reach heights that are unattainable for the majority of them. It is precisely on this premise that FC24 dominates the virtual soccer esports scene and benefits from everyone's hope of becoming a professional gamer in turn. Often criticized and compared to gambling, EA Sports is still getting away with it after winning an appeal (in Germany) in 2020 when it was fined €10 million.

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