Were you sleeping during the State of Play? Here is the summary of the announcements for the PS5

Sony invited players to a first State of Play event on January 31, 2024, at 11pm. On the agenda: 40 minutes focused on about fifteen games. And not the least.

Sony decided to end January 2024 with a State of Play presentation. For about 40 minutes, we were able to discover several video games that will be available this year and in 2025 on PlayStation 5. The Japanese firm did not do things by halves, with some exciting announcements to discover.

Were you asleep during this State of Play broadcast at 11pm, French time? Don’t panic, here’s a summary of all the announcements, one by one, in chronological order.

Death Stranding 2: On The Beach // Source: Screenshot

The announcements of the January 31 State of Play commented live

Announcement 1. Short trailer for Helldiver 2, which will undoubtedly be excellent for multiplayer. It’s out on February 8th and there’s a little hype, we admit (the first one was really great).

Announcement 2. Stellar Blade steps onto the stage with a long presentation. It takes place in an apocalyptic world and we play as a heroine reminiscent of the Bayonetta witch. We expect a particularly action-packed game with beautiful graphics. If the universe holds up and the gameplay turns out to be pleasing, Stellar Blade can clearly create a surprise. Release on April 26th.

Announcement 3. Some Sonic, with a Sonic X Shadow Generations (who cares?).

Announcement 4. Frenetic trailer for Zenless Zone Zero. It went really fast, too fast even, but it’s pretty.

Announcement 5. Let’s start with Foamstars, a multiplayer game published by Square Enix that doesn’t seem to excite the crowds because it looks like a less good version of Splatoon. It’s out on February 6th on PS4 and PS5, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can play it without paying anything.

Announcement 6. Dave the River, which made a sensation in 2023, arrives on PlayStation in April. Great news. There will even be Godzilla coming to say hello in May.

Announcement 7. Another game that made a sensation: this time, it’s V Rising and it’s also coming to PlayStation in 2024.

Announcement 8. We expected to see images of the remake of Silent Hill 2 (we did see a little, instead of a release date). But it’s the new Silent Hill: The Short Message that was the focus with a gameplay trailer. On the menu: a first-person view, a heroine navigating with her smartphone, and weird things chasing us. It’s available… right now and it’s… free!

Announcement 9. Judas, which is BioShock with a mustache (normal, since they share the same creator). We’re still looking forward to repairing things in a truly original universe.

Announcement 10. Finally a big game for PlayStation VR2? The famous Metro saga, known for its atmosphere and adapted from a novel, arrives in virtual reality in 2024. It will be a prologue, written by Dmitry Glukhosky himself.

Announcement 11. Another VR game, but much less exciting: we can beat up skeletons aplenty in Legendary Tales, expected on February 8th. Visually, it looks like a PS2 game.

Announcement 12. Short trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 to impress the audience, with fights against a dragon and other big creatures. The ambitions are there. Release on March 22nd.

Announcement 13. The other big piece announced by Sony for this State of Play: Rise of the Ronin, which will be a souls-like focused on parries and a more vertical gameplay. It will take on the posture system from the Nioh games (developed by the same studio). In short, it will be tough. Release on March 22nd (yes, like Dragon’s Dogma 2).

Announcement 14. Did we need a remaster of the narrative horror game Until Dawn on PlayStation 5? No. But Sony thinks otherwise.

Announcement 15. We finish with a new trailer for Death Standing 2, now called Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. Good luck understanding everything at once, as always with Hideo Kojima. Baby spitting out a spaceship, Norman Reedus and Léa Seydoux talking in black and white, soft music, chatty marionette, physics engine more impressive than ever (with a real impact on gameplay), villain fighting with a guitar… Yes, it’s bizarre, but we remind you that the first Death Stranding was quite an experience. See you in 2025. Can’t wait.

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