Very uncomfortable describing steamy scenes, the creator of The Last of Us 2 did not enjoy creating these intimate passages.

Game News Very uncomfortable describing steamy scenes, the creator of The Last of Us 2 didn’t like creating these intimate moments

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Neil Druckman was not very comfortable writing intimate scenes

The saga The Last of Us is far from finished. In 2013, Naughty Dog surprised players by offering a new original game on PS3. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love with Joel and Ellie’s adventures, as the game’s narrative was so impactful, which naturally led to the arrival of a second episode to conclude the story. Released in 2020 on PlayStation 4, The Last of Us Part II initially sparked a lot of controversy despite its numerous qualities. Recently, the game returned to PS5 with a remastered version, and the universe created by Neil Druckmann even received an adaptation into a series distributed on Amazon Prime Video. But when it came to writing the story of this second episode, the creator of the saga was not always very comfortable.

The creator of the game almost confirmed the future existence of a certain The Last of Us Part III by saying “that there might be another chapter”. However, it is important to note that while this announcement seems to be an official statement in this context, Neil Druckmann is using the conditional tense, and specifies that he has only thought about a concept for the time being. Only time will tell if this concept will really develop into a true third installment.

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