Unlock all classes in Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to find Vocation Masters?

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Dragon's Dogma 2 offers a fairly fluid class system. You have 4 classes to choose from initially for your Insurgent and Pawn, but later on, you can change their class to unlock new abilities, passives, and playstyles.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Lessons: Which One to Choose?

Capcom's open-world action-RPG offers 10 different classes for your rebels, each with radically different gameplay. We look at the Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Champion, Sorcerer, Illusionist and other advanced DD2 classes in this guide.

Champion and Mage

The first two additional classes are unlocked at the same time. Unlike everything that follows, they can also be adopted by your pawn, which makes them especially important.

Meet me Klaus, the Homeroom Teacher from the capital, Burnworth. It will report the theft of a greatsword and a greatstaff, which are required to unlock these classes. He suggests you talk to the vendor at the town's armory to learn more about their location.

Class weapon position

The merchant in question, present in the town square, will tell you that the cart containing the weapons was stolen by goblins.

This is good, since if you talked to Captain Brant at the inn, he tasked you with killing groups of monsters around the capital, including goblins. Therefore, you are destined to find the two weapons naturally as you progress through the main story.

Enter the Goblin Cave, located northwest of Vernworth. Open the chests inside the cave to find the wand and greatsword. Bring them back to Kraus to unlock classes.


This is probably the first advanced class you will be able to unlock. Not available for your pawn. Even if the exotic gameplay isn't your thing, it's highly desirable if you're looking for Quest Badges.

The first step is to pass the border post of Stage Village, on the way to the west of the world map. You can do this legally by completing Brant's quests until the coronation or by hiding in a wagon. But that's not the point here.

You should go talk to himOraclelocated in a temple to the east of the rocky lands.

Just talk to the Illusory Oracle to unlock the class, but don't stop there. Climb the ladder outside the building. On the roof, you will find the real Oracle. Talking to her will give you the ultimate Illusionist class skill as a bonus. Thank you Mrs !

Mage Knight

The second advanced class, which combines melee and magic, can be incredibly easy or incredibly frustrating to unlock. Just talk to me Sigurd, a wizard knight to unlock the class. It appears in different places, in different circumstances. The problem is that there's nothing particularly noteworthy about him, and the game never tries to draw your attention to him. You may have come across it before and missed it.

It can be found in locations and quests where dragons are found, for example:

  • The return of calamity : When you return to Melve village in the north of the map after reaching the capital. This is your best chance. Carefully inspect the NPCs present after the fight against the dragon.
  • A new Voice of God : This is one of the last missions in the main story. He asks to hunt dragons, which is an opportunity to cross paths with him. You can find it near a bonfire in the Tower of Dragon's Breath, southwest of Bakbatthal.
  • He is sometimes found at his residence in Harvest, to the east of the village. But it seems to depend on your progress in the story.
  • It can also be found at the base of the final chapter of the game under certain conditions.


You must reach the volcanic island south of Bakbatthal through Drabnir Cave. Don't do this by advancing the main quests past a certain point, with the Divine Voice. Otherwise, you'll pass a point of no return. On the way you will meet a dwarf named Gautstafr. He suffers from back pain and will give you a series of missions.

  • The first is to give him 3 herbs of each kind.
  • The second asks to visit him at his home, on a small island in the North, passing through shallow water.
  • The third stage consists of the escort to Geyser Hamlet, on the other side of the volcanic island. You can accompany him or carry him. It's even possible to teleport while carrying it if you have a Portacrystal on site. Once you reach the hot springs and complete the mission, the Archer-mage class will be unlocked.


The ultimate class in Dragon's Dogma 2 combines everything else, but you have to take the time to develop them individually so that it can show its full potential. Unlocked by talking to me Lamondresides in Geyser Hamlet, the volcanic island to the south (as with the dwarf Archer-mage).

Class unlock details coming soon. But it can also be found in the last chapter of the game, after the point of no return. He will then unlock the class by simply talking to him at the central base.

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