This new PS5 feature will greatly help video content creators and make life easier for gamers

Game news This new PS5 feature will greatly help video content creators and make life easier for gamers

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An announcement came out on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, and it directly pertains to one of the next improvements to be implemented within the PS5. If we still don't know the date it will be rolled out, we have some information to take our minds off it. PS5 game support will never be the same again and could save the day if you ever struggle to achieve certain trophies.

The PlayStation 5 is getting an update, but the improvements aren't to everyone's taste

Clearly, the PlayStation 5 has been constantly updated for quite some time now. Just two weeks ago, Sony announced the development of a new version of the PS5 software to allow players to experience some improvements in online features and other minor additions aimed at increasing gaming comfort. Despite Sony's efforts, users quickly took the opportunity to scold the Japanese company for the absence of some features that they have been asking for for quite some time. ! He was already avoiding This console generation really isn't doing its best to attract the favor of the players.

However, Sony and PlayStation may have an ace up their sleeve that, in the coming months, could elicit much happier reactions from the PS5 gaming community. In his columns PlayStation BlogSenior Director, Product Management, Platform Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sabrina Meditz, took the floor to discuss one of the next developments in the Game Help feature, introduced in 2020. Soon, the hints, tips and videos that sometimes help you perform advanced actions will be shareable… by you ! This expansion will be called Community Game Help and we'll tell you what we know right now.

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You will be able to help the players thanks to your own exploits

As we said above, the Game Help section will be expanded soon thanks to player contributions ! Of course, this won't happen automatically, and Sony and PlayStation leave you the option to make your own contribution. To participate, All you have to do is go to Console Settings, select Captures and broadcasts, then Captures, Automatic captures, Community game support and Participate to make the following exploits available to players. Also note that you can set yourself a monthly download limit and that they will be automatically deleted once they are uploaded to the servers to avoid taking up your console storage.

This new PS5 feature will greatly help video content creators and make life easier for gamersThis new PS5 feature will greatly help video content creators and make life easier for gamers

The principle, on its part, is very simple. Once you confirm your participation, Your PS5 records a video of itself when you perform a certain activity. However, as Sony explains, this video will then be in the hands of a moderator, who will decide whether or not it can be configured in the Community Game Help. From there, the fate of your video will be in the hands of the players who will be responsible for evaluating its usefulness and more or less recommending it to future users who need it.. Finally, please note that only the raw images are published, everything else (images and sound from webcam, microphone, chat) will be kept secret.

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