“This is the first time a true battle royale has come to mobile,” Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is out today and it wants to break it all!

Game news “This is the first time a true battle royale has come to mobile,” Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is out today and it wants to break it all!

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The Call of Duty family is growing (again). Warzone Mobile will be available worldwide today, and Activision already has big ambitions. To find out more, we were able to speak with Chris Plummer, the US publisher's co-head of mobile.

While Call of Duty's 2024 project is still awaited, the famous shooter returns on March 21st with a new episode… on mobile. Yes, today, Warzone Mobile is available worldwide – after some delays and a limited release in many countries. This is a major new step for licensing! Unlike Call of Duty Mobile (which emphasizes classic multiplayer within a closed ecosystem), Warzone Mobile is the missing link between the Battle Royale series and smartphone gamers, thanks to a simple concept, cross-progression, which has already been widely tested in other aspects. Basically, the game allows you to advance your Warzone battle pass and weapon level on mobile and then find your progress on PC or console.

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Simulation effect

“This system is what players have been asking for the most, and that's part of the reason we launched Warzone Mobile,” explained Chris Plummer, Activision's co-director of mobile, in a Zoom interview. “We talk to our community a lot and they really wanted their playtime to be accounted for across all platforms.”

Apparently, Activision is relying on some sort of emulation effect, on this one all Warzone players (on PC, console and now mobile) will share “common conversations and interests”, mainly through the battle pass, that progression system that gradually gives access to cosmetic rewards | as the games progress (and which often encourages players to spend real money). The Warzone Mobile battle pass will therefore be the same as that of classic Warzone, bringing “unprecedented” quality rewards to mobile, says Chris.

“With Warzone Mobile, we're not simulating anything, it's the real experience, same system, same movements, physics, animations (like classic Warzone, editor's note) – Chris Plummer

A different audience

But Warzone Mobile isn't a copy and paste beast, even though it takes the Verdansk map, the feel and even – to some extent – the graphics of the base version. The publisher is well aware that smartphone gamers have certain expectations and habits. Therefore, this new version will benefit from mobile-specific content, starting with a battle royale mode with 120 real players (no bots in the program) condensed into 10 minutes by default compared to the usual 20 to 30 minutes. But also fashion lists as well as “live” events adapted to the rhythm of this audience.

“We spent a lot of time making sure we delivered a playlist that was both familiar and tailored for mobile players.” – Chris Plummer

Aim well in mind

Activision seems to have put all the odds on its side and also relies on compatibility that goes back six generations of phones (iPhone 8)… In short, the publisher is not there to shoot into the void. “Internally we're talking about ten years of life for Warzone Mobile”, Chris Plummer tells us. A beautiful and long-lasting one developed by the same developers who currently take care of the basic version and which will finally benefit from the technological progress of the latest smartphones.

At the same time, Call of Duty Mobile is not stopping, which – last July – had generated a total of 3 billion dollars. “We are very proud to have two successful Call of Duty games in the mobile market, we believe they serve different purposes,” explains the co-director. “We will continue to support them.” Activision's golden goose will undoubtedly take off again.

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