[ This is Israel. At the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape.

As changes in consumer behaviors shape the B2C market, a parallel transformation is underway in the business and corporate landscape. Despite the widespread adoption of IoT across industries, revenue growth has been incremental rather than exponential, largely limited by chip and networking limitations, as well as the inability to provide seamless connectivity and energy efficiency, critical to many IoT applications. In addition, enterprise customers face challenges in effectively deploying and managing IoT solutions.

Realizing the potential of IoT requires the creation of a collaborative ecosystem that includes telcos, software and cloud providers, as well as system and enterprise integrators. In this collaborative framework, these entities work together to create more effective and actionable solutions to address their clients' challenges. The next five years are expected to witness transformation as growing business interest in IoT translates into significant revenue. The prevalence of IoT devices, which has exploded in recent years, is poised to become ubiquitous. Forecasts show a significant increase in the total number of devices installed, from 16.4 billion in 2022 to 25.1 billion by 2027, an average of about three devices per person.

Israel's telecommunications market is at the forefront of innovation, reflecting the country's dynamic technology ecosystem. Known for its robust infrastructure, Israel is constantly pushing the boundaries of telecommunications, offering advanced services and cutting-edge technologies. The market is characterized by intense competition, with major players continuously investing in high-speed networks, fostering a connected society. From pioneering developments in 5G technology to the widespread adoption of fiber optic networks, Israel's telecommunications sector is shaping the digital landscape. This competitive environment not only fuels technological advancements but also ensures a wide range of services for consumers. As the nation continues to be a global technology hub, Israel's telecommunications market demonstrates its commitment to remain at the forefront of connectivity and digital innovation.

Praised for its innovation, Israel's telecommunications sector is not only at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, but also at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. With a strong infrastructure and competitive market, Israel provides an optimal environment for the seamless integration of IoT solutions. From creating smart cities to driving industrial applications, the country's telecom industry is actively shaping a connected future. In this dynamic market, the evolution of telecommunications in Israel unfolds not only as a narrative of connectivity, but also as a story of pioneering IoT solutions, underscoring the country's unwavering commitment to technological excellence.

Many Israeli companies recognize the transformative potential of IoT for economic and social development. Therefore, a significant representation of these technology-driven companies will participate in MWC Barcelona, ​​the world's leading telecommunications and information technology exhibition. Important participants providing IoT solutions and services include:

  • Autotalks: revolutionizing car safety by enabling the prevention of out-of-sight accidents, such as at intersections, and protecting vulnerable road users that are difficult for drivers to see.

  • Friendly Technologies: Improves the development of telecom and IoT projects with flexible protocol-agnostic device management platforms, enabling efficient location-agnostic business operations.

  • hiSky: A unique core technology and network architecture enables hiSky to meet industrial connectivity needs for travel and stay with an affordable, resilient and scalable solution.

  • NOVELSAT: Enables mobile service providers and media companies to deliver large volumes of high-quality video content to any user device, from smartphones to televisions, opening the door to new business models.

  • Trackimo: End-to-end solutions for personal security, asset tracking and mobile devices based on IoT / GPS / WiFi / LTE and NB, powered by Trackimo's global cloud-IoT platform and global communications economics.

  • Shield-IoT: Creates new revenue streams with a mobile IoT cybersecurity monetization platform. Monitor and secure any SIM-based IoT device/application, at any scale, with a ready-to-use SaaS service.

Article written by: Manuel De Lauwer

Embassy of Israel in France.

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