This horror movie that made ten times its budget is coming to Netflix: AIs aren't done scaring us!

Cultural news This horror movie that made ten times its budget is coming to Netflix: AI isn't done scaring us!

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It's true that the spectacular progress of artificial intelligence has scared more than one person in recent years. Obviously, it's a theme that has had plenty of chances to be considered in a bunch of horror movies. Thanks to its original concept, this film, which did not cost much, became a real success at the box office. If you haven't seen it, Netflix has a great gift for you!

Netflix brings you a horror movie that could injure you from artificial intelligence

Recently, Netflix, in a way, is starting to do what we say (in video games) shadow, that is to announce, to everyone's surprise, the arrival of movies, series or anime in its catalog without having previously discussed it. As an example, we can mention adding one of the most popular anime the last few years, that is Spy x Family. When the American giant doesn't make an announcement on the big day, it simply communicates a little earlier. Yes, while some additions headline the next month's release calendar, others are listed just days before they're visible on the platform.

The example we are interested in today, is the arrival, from March 28, of the horror film M3GAN which was one of the wildest commercial hits of 2023. Unveiled in late 2022, the film hit theaters on December 28 and was able to win over audiences at breakneck speed, so much so that its very low budget was profitable in less time than it took to activate the scary doll from the movie . During its first weekend of operation, M3GAN earned no less than $30 million worldwide. Finally, the film completed its run at the same rate Revenue of $122.3 millionor ten times more than the amount invested ($12 million).

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M3GAN Doll's success is just beginning, it won't stop scaring you

In terms of revenue, its success M3GAN it's really amazing, but the film was not satisfied with this financial success alone. As for the critics, both types and viewers, the reception given to this horror film was very warm.. At the location Rotten tomatoes, we can see that the film received 93% recommendations from critics, compared to 78% from the public. Obviously, such a feat was very likely to attract another: thanks to its performance at the box office, M3GAN opened the doors for a second installment to arrive in May 2025.

This horror movie that made ten times its budget is coming to Netflix: AIs aren't done scaring us!

Directed by Gerard Johnstone, the film M3GAN tells us how Gemma, a brilliant roboticist, now has to take care of her eight-year-old niece after the death of her parents. To help her overcome this tragedy, she imagines an android doll equipped with highly advanced artificial intelligence. Maybe too much… After some time, this “mechanical best friend” becomes increasingly possessive and overly dangerous, creating scary situations and threatening those who decide to take her away from the little girl in one way or another.

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