This highly anticipated RPG, which is coming out on Game Pass this year, unveils many secrets with unique gameplay.

Game News This highly anticipated RPG that will be released this year on Game Pass reveals many secrets with unprecedented gameplay


Despite a somewhat mixed return of Starfield, Microsoft is determined to prove to the world that they are still at the top. Last week, they gave news about several of their most anticipated games. Among them, a very anticipated RPG reveals even more.

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Already one of the gems of 2024?

Between the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, the integration of many prestigious studios into their ecosystem, and the recent release of Starfield, Microsoft seems to want to prove to the world that they are on a roll and that this momentum is not about to stop in 2024. To start the year off right, the creator of the Xbox Series and Game Pass recently gave news about several highly anticipated games through a Developer_Direct broadcast last Thursday. During this event, players were able to discover the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle (the real star of the conference), as well as more images of Hellblade 2 and Avowed. Today, it is the latter that returns to the forefront thanks to a new gameplay video.

In case you missed the information, Avowed is the next game from Obsidian Studios. They are the ones who developed games that were particularly well received by the public such as Fallout: New Vegas or The Outer Worlds. Recognized for their extremely careful storytelling and well-built universes, these developers have already accustomed us to great things and we are already looking forward to discovering more about this famous Avowed. A Fantasy role-playing game, it has often been presented as a “Skyrim-like” but more colorful and with much more dynamic and entertaining gameplay. That’s what the first images of the game showed, and it’s safe to say that the news the studio has just revealed goes in that direction.

A little more gameplay for this highly anticipated RPG

Just yesterday, the developers of Obsidian unveiled a new video of no less than 25 minutes to talk more in-depth about their future baby. We notably find Carrie Patel (game director) and Gabriel Paramo (gameplay director), in addition to some other members of the Xbox Podcast. It was an opportunity for them to ride the hype of the Developer_Direct and to show us some secrets and some unprecedented gameplay.

One of the first things they go back to is the game’s environment. If Avowed will not be an open-world, certain areas will still be completely optional, like the one presented in this video. According to the developers, exploration should be rewarded and some passages will even require you to search underwater.

This highly anticipated RPG that will be released this year on Game Pass reveals many secrets with unprecedented gameplay

The combat system seems to be strongly inspired by Skyrim with a weapon equipped in each hand and a first-person view, but it also promises to be a little more dynamic with more fluid movements. Fans of Hogwarts Legacy will also feel on familiar ground with the mastery of the wand. Unlike Harry Potter, however, you can also vary your approach and use firearms to shorten a fight. Obviously, being a Fantasy game, expect to use gunpowder weapons close to piracy rather than assault rifles.

This highly anticipated RPG that will be released this year on Game Pass reveals many secrets with unprecedented gameplayThis highly anticipated RPG that will be released this year on Game Pass reveals many secrets with unprecedented gameplay

If you had trouble choosing your build in Skyrim and are afraid of having the same problem in Avowed, the developers tell us that versatility is quite possible and that re-specialization should also be quite accessible. Regarding the RPG aspect of the game, you will of course be able to create your own builds even though it is possible to follow some known archetypes such as healers, melee classes, or even mages. You can thus adapt to the companions you meet during the adventure (or vice versa) to form an effective team in all situations.

As a reminder, Avowed is expected in the fall of 2024 and should be available exclusively on the Microsoft ecosystem. It will therefore be released on PC as well as on Xbox Series, and will be integrated into Game Pass on the day of its release.

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