This action RPG game is surely the best surprise of the beginning of this year… Our complete review of the gem Granblue Fantasy Relink!

With over 6 years of development mainly at Cygames, Granblue Fantasy: Relink finally arrives worldwide tomorrow, February 1st. A highly anticipated release for JRPG fans, as this universe is extremely popular in Japan, thanks to Granblue Fantasy (2014), a mobile/PC gacha game that has welcomed over 35 million players, and Granblue Fantasy: Versus (2020), a fighting game that has found its place in the industry. No need to worry, it is not necessary to have played either of these 2 games to enter the world of Relink, even though it takes place directly after their events, except to recognize most of the characters and catch a few references along the way.

Often heralded as a Tales of-like or a Genshin Impact bis, after several dozen hours of play, our feeling is that in reality, this Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a clever mix of Monster Hunter and Kingdom Hearts with a touch of Final Fantasy XVI taking the best of these games, and adding their signature touch, with indeed very Japanese visuals like Tales of. Not surprising when you know that a large number of former Square Enix employees worked on the project. As a bonus, the ultimate boss of video game soundtracks, Nobuo Uematsu, is back at the height of his art on the whole OST.

With an atypical structure, addictive gameplay, and infinite depth, we give you our analysis of GBF: Relink in this comprehensive game review!

  • Genre: Action-JRPG
  • Release date: February 1, 2024
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5
  • Number of players: 1 to 4 (Online)
  • Developer: Cygames, Inc.
  • Publisher: Cygames, Marvelous USA, Plaion
  • Price: 59.99€ for the Standard edition, 79.99€ for the Special edition, 99.99€ for the Digital Deluxe edition (PS5 only)
  • Tested on: PS5

Welcome to Zegagrande!

Your adventure will begin aboard your ship, the Grandcypher, when you arrive on the new celestial continent, Zegagrande. You play as Gran (♂) or Syta (♀), the captain of your crew (you can switch between the two via a simple re-skin), and are accompanied by Vyrn, a cute little dragon, Katalina, a former member of the Empire of Erste, and Lyria, a little girl with mysterious powers with whom you share a unique bond of life following the events of the first game, as well as a few other members.

Initially, your journey is peaceful with a simple objective: to reach the mythical island of Estalucia, supposedly at the height of the skies. But from your first flights to Zegagrande, things don’t go as planned, and a certain group with very evil intentions will target Lyria, for reasons you will have to discover…

If the game’s demo released a few days ago may have raised X concerns, whether it’s the fear of a too short storyline, repetitive gameplay, or whatever, don’t worry, Cygames has kept the sauce warm and there’s plenty to do in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. The game’s structure is more comparable to that of a Monster Hunter than a more traditional JRPG, with a storyline that serves as an appetizer before getting into the deep and addictive content, a long list of missions and epic battles.

The story mode may not be the centerpiece of the game, but it is of good quality and will keep you occupied for a while. You can see the game’s first credits after about fifteen hours, but don’t be mistaken, because without revealing too much, the story will not be finished at that point and the real end of the game will come after about 25-30 hours. A succession of several chapters in which you will face a repetitive but not too troublesome cycle: Town —> Ship —> New island, where you will complete several objectives until the next chapter.

From semi-open islands, where several activities will be available to you: finding hidden baby crabs, similar to the Korok nuts from Zelda or the Mokoko seeds from Lost Ark, opening hidden chests through a system that is reminiscent of the red coins in Super Mario, activating difficult battles through hidden steles that will strongly remind you of the berserker steles in God of War Ragnarok… You can feel the inspiration from many other good games in these islands with varied landscapes that fulfill the requirements of any good JRPG: forest, desert, mountains, glaciers, and other locations related to elemental deities.

That is just for the storyline side of the game, while the heart of the game is in the “side” missions that are not really side missions, available at the quest counter in each town. Missions that take you to increasingly epic and difficult battles that unlock as your main character progresses, with infinite depth. You start with easy, then normal, difficult. You think it’s over but then you realize there’s very difficult, extreme, then insane… And it’s still not over but we’ll let you discover the rest for yourself.

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