The Xbox from 1€ thanks to this internet box offer for gaming

In February, Bouygues Telecom maintains one of its flagship offers. This is the Bbox + Xbox pack, with a special discount on the Microsoft console. Good news, the phone operator offers the Xbox Series S or Series X of your choice. All accompanied by an internet box for gaming. Here again, internet users have the choice between the Bbox must or the Bbox ultym. Let’s take a closer look at this special internet offer, ideal for video game enthusiasts.

Up to €395 in savings on an Xbox with an internet box from Bouygues Telecom

Video game fans? Bouygues Telecom’s offer is just what the doctor ordered. At the moment, the phone operator is cutting prices on a special collaboration with Microsoft and its Xbox. Internet users can choose between the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. All accompanied by an internet box for gaming.

The best price is on the Xbox Series S

To start, Bouygues Telecom highlights its most attractive price. This is the Xbox Series S, available for €1 with a Bbox fiber optic box. That’s a immediate discount of €343 to enjoy the Next Gen console. It should be noted that this price is only available with the subscription to a gaming internet box Bbox.

The Bbox is available with a special discount.

Bouygues Telecom

with a Bbox

The Xbox Series S includes a 512GB SSD. It is also compatible with 1,440px video resolution, coupled with a 120 FPS frame rate. This is the 100 digital version, without a CD player. This is not a problem for the game console, since the Game Pass is offered for 3 months. This provides access to hundreds of downloadable online games. Here’s an additional argument for subscribing to an internet box for gaming with the Xbox.

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The ultimate version of the Xbox available for €199 with a fiber optic box

For more dedicated players, Bouygues Telecom also offers a discount on the Xbox Series X. It is available at a price of €199 instead of €594. That’s a discount of €395 on the console price. Once again, this price is only available with the subscription to a Bbox internet box.

Xbox Series X en promotion

The Xbox Series X is also eligible for Bouygues Telecom’s offer.

Bouygues Telecom

with a Bbox

On this version, the Game Pass is also offered for 3 months. Not only does it allow you to play hundreds of games, but gamers can also play online with the free subscription and the fiber optic box. In terms of technology, the game console includes a 1TB hard drive, compatibility with 4K, and a 4K Blu-ray CD player.

In summary, Bouygues Telecom offers the following advantages:

  • the Xbox Series S starting at €1;
  • the Xbox Series X from €199;
  • a choice of a Bbox to guarantee these purchase prices for each Xbox.

Two internet boxes for gaming to choose from

Which internet offer to choose to accompany the Xbox? That is the question that many internet users may ask themselves. The editorial team is interested in the two internet boxes for gaming offered by Bouygues Telecom. These are the Bbox must and ultym.

The Bbox must available with any Xbox

Among the available fiber optic boxes, Bouygues Telecom highlights the Bbox must. It is available in the special Xbox pack at the full price. That’s monthly payments of €42.99 with a two-year commitment. It offers a maximum internet speed of 1Gb/s for downloading and 700Mb/s for uploading on Wi-Fi 6.

Bbox must en promotion

Voici la première box fibre optique dans l’offre spéciale Xbox.

Bouygues Telecom
Promotion box internet.

for Bbox must

and so on…

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