The WiFi 6 internet box, more accessible today? 3 offers starting at 26.99€

The internet WiFi 6 boxes are multiplying, just like the standard they integrate. Many people have at least one compatible device, and can therefore enjoy very fast wireless speeds. The advantage is that these fiber optic boxes are also becoming more and more affordable. All of these offers also include entertainment options and sometimes even other benefits. Here are three subscriptions available starting at €26.99/month.

**At €26.99/month, the cheapest WiFi 6 box is at Bouygues Telecom**
Bouygues Telecom manages to offer the best price for a WiFi 6 box. It is its Bbox must package that offers it at €26.99 for 6 months, then it goes up to €42.99/month. In order to take advantage of this, you must be eligible for fiber optics and commit to a one-year contract.

As soon as the customer passes the eligibility test, they can start enjoying their internet box subscription. Those who request it receive a 4G key with 200 GB while waiting for the activation of the fiber optic box (it must be returned afterwards). This occurs as soon as the appointment is set with a technician during the subscription. He takes care of delivering the active WiFi 6 box, ready to use.

**The speed is then a priority: up to 1 Gb/s in download and 700 Mb/s in upload. The WiFi 6 box allows you to connect your devices on WiFi frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz, for optimal distribution and powerful connections or long range connections.**

Regarding entertainment, a 4K TV decoder is included. It includes a bouquet with over 180 channels, also accessible on mobile. With the WiFi 6 internet box, you also get 6 months free on Amazon Prime and Universal+.

**The Bbox must fiber optic box in brief:**
– the cheapest of WiFi 6 boxes, starting at €26.99/month;
– a theoretical speed of 1 Gb/s;
– 4K TV decoder and over 180 channels included;
– 6 months of free Amazon Prime;
– unlimited calls to over 110 countries.

**Up to 5 Gb/s shared with this Free fiber optic box**

**Free is obviously present in the WiFi 6 box segment, and it is even very well established. Its Freebox Pop, a very popular subscription, offers this standard. To take advantage of it, you have to pay €29.99/month. The difference is that here the promo on the internet box remains valid for 12 months before it increases to €39.99 per month. In addition, Free does not require any commitment on the contract.**

The WiFi 6 box from Free is even faster. On a single device, it is possible to reach 2.5 Gb/s (theoretical speed via an Ethernet port). But the total theoretical speed is 5 Gb/s, as the fiber optic box can also offer two wired connections at 1 Gb/s each, and 500 Mb/s in WiFi, all at the same time.

There are even more channels in the Freebox Pop TV bouquet. It goes up to 230 channels, and here too a 4K TV decoder and a mobile application allow you to watch them without moderation. There is also 6 months of free access to Amazon Prime Video.

**The best of the Free fiber optic box:**
– Very high speed with up to 5 Gb/s shared.
– TV bouquet of over 230 channels.
– Reduced price for an entire year.
– The internet box is without commitment.

**SFR offers Netflix or Disney+ with its WiFi 6 box at €29.99**

Among the interesting WiFi 6 boxes, there is also the SFR Fibre Power offer, in the mid-range of internet service providers. It is offered at €29.99 for 6 months, then it also increases. It goes up to €39.99/month, and the required commitment lasts 1 year.

Here, up to 2 Gb/s shared can be delivered by the fiber optic box in download speed, and 700 Mb/s in upload speed. The WiFi 6 box automatically takes care of distributing the devices on the appropriate frequency band. Repeaters can also be added for larger homes, at €3 each.

Like its competitors, this internet box also offers free SVOD access for 6 months. Except that here, customers choose between Netflix (with ads) or Disney+. As for television itself, it includes up to 200 channels, as well as a decoder that can offer up to 4K image quality.

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