The Solo Leveling sequel risks making the same mistake as Naruto: the worst thing is to be afraid of you

Cultural news The Solo Leveling sequel risks making the same mistake as Naruto: the worst thing is to be afraid of you

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If you haven't read the light novel and are looking forward to the rest of the anime adaptation, get ready! The sequel promises to know where it wants to go, but it might lose a few people along the way, not to mention many.

The duality of fans

Since the release of the light novel in November 2016 and the manhwa in 2018, Solo leveling continues to make waves thanks to its impressive design and growing community. This year, after 8 years of waiting, the animated version is finally released! A blessing for some, because the wait was too long. For others who know the whole story, it's more complicated. In just 3 months, several fans have some doubts about how the rest of the story will play out. This could take a turn, certainly original, but which has not yet been able to prove itself to the community.

The end of a legend

It is always complicated for a writer to finish a story. It's even more complicated for fans, who will no longer be able to enjoy the stories of their favorite heroes. To overcome this inevitability, a few different concepts have emerged. For example, remakes, or even aging characters, were good ways to keep track of the heroes while tweaking the story without distorting it. Moreover, one of these concepts in particular is slowly trying to modernize itself: to pass the torch to the children of the heroes of the original work. However, it is a concept that divides fans like rarely before. True redemption, or shameful repurposing, is not meant to be done with kid gloves when we want to offer qualifications to the progeny of the protagonists we love so much. Whether it's about Bleach the Dragon Ball, several projects have tried, are still trying, or will try to pass the torch to the children of the main characters. Next on the list, as you may have guessed, is Solo leveling. Indeed, the manhwa ended, but the light novel continued. We'll talk about its content again after some context.

The most famous example is none other than Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Many fans liked this project, but even more fans criticized it. Not even mentioning the fact that the most watched episode of the series isn't even an episode featuring Boruto, this anime shows how dangerous and difficult the concept is to pull off. The following Solo leveling: Ragnarok announced to take place 5 years after the main story. This news has created doubts among fans about which characters from the original project could be brought back. Perhaps we shouldn't repeat what fans consider mistakes in the sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's cult manga.

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Is history repeating itself?

To talk a little more about this famous sequel, the light novel already gives us some important information about the story. We will follow a new hero, Sung Suho, the son of Sung Jinwoo, who is often scolded by his father for having to learn how to use and control his powers. Until then, the father-son relationship seems to be at the heart of the plot. But at worst what is accused Boruto from several fans will come true again: Sung Jinwoo will be a neglected, underutilized character, even though he is the character who introduced the whole story in the beginning.

The Solo Leveling sequel risks making the same mistake as Naruto: the worst thing is to be afraid of you

Apparently all is not lost! Beyond these sometimes optimistic, sometimes pessimistic guesses, it is obviously impossible to know what the future holds. We have to be patient and give the rest of the story a chance!

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