The schedule of the 2nd week of the LFL Spring Split 2024

Return of the French League of Legends (LFL) today starting at 6:00 PM with the matches of the second week of the regular season of the Spring Split 2024. Karmine Corp Blue and Vitality.Bee will try to maintain their invulnerability, while Solary and Team du Sud will try to redeem themselves after their poor results in the first week.

Program OF WEEK 2 OF LFL

Wednesday 24 January

  • Finished

    BK ROG Esports

    Team du Sud

    Group Stage

    Group Stage

  • Finished

    Gentle Mates


    Group Stage

    Group Stage

…… (truncated)

*order and times of matches subject to change in the coming hours

Only one team will remain undefeated

The ten teams of the prestigious French League of Legends (LFL) are getting ready to resume the battle in the Summoner’s Rift tonight at 6:00 PM. As the second week of the Spring Split opens, excitement is at its peak for what promises to be thrilling clashes. After a season opening with a bang, the teams are gearing up for new battles, with the ambition of strengthening their position or overturning current trends. This week is already seen as a turning point in the LFL Spring Split 2024.

After an intense inaugural week, Karmine Corp Blue and Vitality.Bee share the top of the standings with two wins each, establishing themselves as formidable contenders right from the start of the season. Karmine Corp Blue shone from the start, asserting its title contention with remarkable performances. Their spectacular comeback against TDS, overcoming a deficit of over 8k golds and overcoming the loss of two inhibitors, highlighted the team’s exceptional tenacity. Vitality.Bee is no slouch, also starting with a faultless record, impressing with their mastery of the game against BDS Academy and GameWard. The team has established itself as a formidable opponent, making a very convincing start to the season.

The middle of the table is extremely tight, with six teams locked in a fierce battle. Aegis, BK ROG Esports, GameWard, Gentle Mates, Team BDS Academy, and Team GO all have one win and one loss, showing that the battle for the top spots is more open than ever.

On the other hand, Solary and Team Du Sud are at the bottom. Their first week was tough, especially for Team Du Sud, the newcomer to the LFL, which had to face various difficulties, still seeming to find their cohesion and strategy in the Rift. Solary, on the other hand, also had a difficult start to the season, struggling to impose themselves with strategies and team compositions that need to be refined. Despite these challenges, positive signs have been observed. However, it is essential for these teams to reassess their approaches and work on their weaknesses to improve their future performances.

The Matches of the Week

This second week of the regular season of the LFL promises to be particularly intense, with exciting matches on the schedule. One of the highlights of this week will undoubtedly be the clash between Karmine Corp Blue and Vitality.Bee, scheduled for this Wednesday, January 24 around 8:00 PM. This decisive match will establish which team will remain the only undefeated leader of this Spring Split. Among the other major matchups of this day, we will have the pleasure of following the match between Gentle Mates and GameWard, a crucial showdown for these teams looking to distance themselves from the middle of the table. The match between Team GO and Solary is also one to watch, offering Solary a chance to bounce back.

Thursday’s lineup also promises its share of thrilling encounters. Gentle Mates will face BK ROG Esports, a new challenge for the team led by Gotaga. The day will continue with a highly anticipated match between Karmine Corp Blue and Solary. To conclude this exhilarating week, Vitality.Bee and Aegis will meet, promising a grand finale to this second week of competition.

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