the same name for two very different graphics cards

Some relied on 10GB of GDDR6, others on 12GB. everyone was right. The RX 6750 GRE with less VRAM also has fewer GPU cores and is logically less efficient. its only advantage is its much lower consumption and its very slightly more attractive price.

Radeon RX 6750 GRE

The Radeon RX 6750 GRE (Golden Rabbit Edition) has been tickling our curiosity for several weeks now. AMD has finally released this graphics card. The data on this was quite conflicting, especially since some reported 10 GB of VRAM, others rather 12 GB. Ultimately, these two assumptions were correct: AMD offers two versions of the RX 6750 GRE, with the two aforementioned amounts of memory. There are also differences in stream processors.

Less VRAM, but also fewer GPU cores

Both references have a Navi 22 GPU with RDNA 2 architecture: the XL for the 10GB card, the XT for the 12GB card.

Above all, the first reference is satisfied with 36 units of calculation, compared to 40 for its older sister. The frequencies are also lower for the weaker of the duo: 2189 MHz vs. 2439 MHz for the Game frequency, 2450 MHz vs. 2581 MHz for the Boost frequency.

The lower amount of VRAM implies a 160-bit bus instead of 192 bits as well as an Infinity Cache amount of 80 MB instead of 96 MB. The memory speed is 16 Gbit/s in both cases. Specifically, the RX 6750 GRE 12 GB has a memory bandwidth of 384 GB/s and an active memory bandwidth of 1278 GB/s, while these values ​​are respectively 320 GB/s and 1065 GB/s for the RX 6750 GB GRE 10 .

AMD provides information 11.29 FP32 TFLOPs for RX 6750 GRE 10GB, 13.21 TFLOPs for the 12GB card.

The only positive point of the 10GB model is the significantly lower consumption of 170W compared to 230W for the 12GB version.

Graphics card GPU Stream processors VRAM Memory speed TBP Suggested Retail Price
RX 6950 Navi 21 KXTX 5120 16GB G6 256b 18 Gbps 335W 1099 dollars
RX 6900 Navi 21 5120 16GB G6 256b 18 Gbps 330W OEM
RX 6900 Navi 21 5120 16GB G6 256b 16 Gbps 300W 999 dollars
RX 6800 Navi 21 4608 16GB G6 256b 16 Gbps 300W $649
RX6800 Navi 21 XL 3840 16GB G6 256b 16 Gbps 250W $579
RX 6750 Navi 22 2560 12GB G6 192b 18 Gbps 250W $549
RX 6700 Navi 22 2560 12GB G6 192b 16 Gbps 230W 479 dollars
RX 6750 GRE 12 GB Navi 22 2560 12GB G6 192b 16 Gbps 230W 289 dollars
RX 6750 GRE 10 GB Navi 22 XL 2304 10GB G6 160b 16 Gbps 170W $269
RX6700 Navi 22 XL 2304 10GB G6 160b 16 Gbps 175 W OEM
RX 6650 Navi 23 2048 8GB G6 128b 17.5 Gbps 180W 399 dollars
RX 6600 Navi 23 2048 8GB G6 128b 16 Gbps 160W 379 dollars
RX6600 Navi 23 XL 1792 8GB G6 128b 14 Gbps 132 W 329 dollars
RX 6500 Navi 24 1024 4GB G6 64b 18 Gbps 107 W 199 dollars
RX6400 Navi 24 XL 768 4GB G6 64b 16 Gbps 53W 159 dollars
Radeon RX 6750 GRE technical specificationsRadeon RX 6750 GRE technical specifications

Only $20 difference between the two RX 6750 GREs

The company quotes prices for the US and Chinese markets. The 12GB model starts at $289, while the 10GB model starts at $269. Officially, these Radeon RDNA 2s won't be sold in France, but it's possible that they'll end up being available at some retailers in the long run.

Finally, AMD presents it RX 6750 GRE like graphics cards cut for 1440p sell for the price of GPUs targeting 1080p.

Radeon RX 6750 GRE performanceRadeon RX 6750 GRE performance

Finally, note that the memory configurations for a hypothetical Radeon RX 7600 XT suggest 10GB and 12GB of GDDR6. as for the RX 6750 GRE, it will probably be both.

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