The price drops with the release of the S24 at Free!

The Samsung Galaxy S24 has finally been unveiled by the Korean brand. It’s already available for pre-order from many phone operators. As a result, the price of the Samsung Galaxy S23 on sale has dropped significantly, especially at Free. It’s therefore an ideal time to get this high-end smartphone. Focus on the current promotion, not to be missed.

Thanks to the release of the latest high-end smartphone from the Korean brand, the Samsung Galaxy S23 on sale is available at the best price. For the Merci Days period, a promotion is available until February 6, 2024. Until that date, €100 will be refunded upon request. To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out a post-purchase claim form.

With this exceptional promotion, the price of this cheap Galaxy S23 is €69 instead of €169, a negligible price considering the features of this smartphone. In addition, the cost of the mobile plan and the monthly phone financing of €21.99/month for 24 months must be added to this.

The Samsung promotional smartphone is available at the best price with a Free mobile offer.

Free Flex service is an excellent way to finance a smartphone. Once the 24 months have passed, the client has two options. First, they can simply renew a contract with a newer smartphone. Otherwise, they can exercise the purchase option (€102) to keep their Galaxy S23 on sale.

In a few clicks, they can finance part of their new mobile by estimating the value of their old phone from the Free website. Furthermore, this cheap smartphone has 128 GB, more than enough for an average user. This storage allows for the conservation of applications, photos, and videos.

Despite the release of the S24, the Galaxy S23 remains a gem of technology. It features a 50 Mpx rear camera and a 12 Mpx front camera. In addition, the battery is 3,900 mAh, enough to last the whole day with intense use without any problems.

Key points about the Galaxy S23 on sale with a Free mobile plan:

  • smartphone for €69 + €21.99/month for 24 months;
  • estimate the value of the old smartphone;
  • purchase option for €102;
  • 128 GB of storage;
  • 50 Mpx camera and 3,900 mAh battery.
Location smartphone Free.

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Which Free mobile plan to choose with this cheap Samsung Galaxy S23?

Naturally, to get such an interesting price on the promotional smartphone, it is imperative to subscribe to a mobile plan from the phone operator. To do so, the customer has the choice between the Free Series and the 5G plan. To save money, our editorial staff recommends opting for the Free Series, available for €12.99/month for a year.

Forfait Série Free Galaxy S23

The cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 is available at the best price with the Free Series.

After the first year, the subscription automatically switches to the 5G plan for €19.99/month. However, there are two valid reasons for choosing the 5G plan from the start. First, the customer absolutely wants to take advantage of Free’s 5G network on their promotional Galaxy S23. The second reason concerns Freebox Pop subscribers. For them, the 5G plan is only €9.99/month.

With 140 GB of data included in this mobile plan, the subscriber can browse the internet without moderation. In fact, they can even share their connection with their devices while waiting for an internet box, for example. Outside of France, they have access to 18 GB of data available from the EU and the French overseas departments and territories.

As for the mobile network, Free has caught up with its competitors in 4G. Regarding 5G, it has the largest coverage in mainland France. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S23 on sale is compatible. Lastly, premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app is included, ideal for reliving the best moments of the French championship.

Summary of the Free Series mobile plan with the cheap Galaxy S23:

  • mobile plan for €12.99/month;
  • after a year, switch to the 5G plan for €19.99/month;
  • 140 GB of data including 18 GB from the EU and the French overseas departments and territories;
  • quality Free network;
  • premium access to the Free Ligue 1 app.
Forfaits 5G

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