THE NEWS OF PARTICIPATORY #26: Altered, Storm Raider, EVE, Cryptic Nature…

Here comes the participative section after a two-month hiatus!

We are taking a look at the projects that have caught our attention: starting with interstellar space, hiking below the surface, Shem Phillips, the hunt for legendary animals… and Altered, of course!

Storm Raider

A new game designed by Shem Phillips (Mr. Raiders), published by Arkus Games for 1 to 4 players. The Kickstarter campaign has been launched since January 23 for this title combining Dieselpunk universe where raids, vehicle races, and resource recovery will be your daily routine.     

Why “Storm Raider”? Because players will follow a storm through hostile locations, constantly collecting resources in ruins, completing orders, recruiting staff, and upgrading their vehicles to score the most points after 6 turns, all guided by a dice placement mechanic that aims to be quite accessible. Each player has three vehicles that must be used optimally, taking into account their particularities – and of course, avoiding damaging them (which costs them dice slots). 

“Raiding the storms is a perilous task that holds many dangers, the most devastating being the powerful Rift storm that encircles Atlantis. Players must stay near the storm, without being overwhelmed by its immeasurable force. Prestige is acquired by recovering wrecks, fulfilling contracts, recruiting crewmembers, upgrading vehicles, and earning medals. Each turn, players will roll dice to move with their trike, plane, or submarine, or to take the time to rest and repair their damaged vehicles. After six rounds of traversing the rugged landscape, players will tally their prestige points to determine who will be remembered as the greatest Storm Raider of their time.”

Shem Phillips is therefore changing the game with this fantastic universe (we were used to seeing him on more historical subjects), he did not collaborate with his brother Sam or Mico this time, allowing us to see a very different artistic touch, with a darker style to fit this diesel punk theme. For publishing, two former Weta Workshop (the special effects company that we’ve seen in The Lord of the Rings, King Kong, or Avatar, but was also behind the huge board game GKR: Heavy Hitters) Paul Tobin (also for illustrations) and Nicola Booth, also from New Zealand like him, so there is a certain visual sensitivity and it shows (Dane Madgwick, also from Weta Workshop, in the illustrations as well).

Delivery is scheduled for November 2024, with an entry ticket of €57, but no French version for the moment.

Link to the campaign 


EVE: War for New Eden

The adaptation of the emblematic EVE Online MMO into a board game is now launched on KS. A big Will the board be able to capture the spirit of the famous eponymous video game with its political tensions, interspatial wars, competition for production, economy, and above all, its immense scale (the video game claims 9 million players, with around 170,000 active accounts per month)? 

The game was presented at the last Essen fair – photo Michel Sorbet

Players will lead one of the four main factions of the game to try to increase their influence around the galaxy (figure of speech), seeking to develop new technologies for their ships and to pit their units against each other, and why not through deadly alliances. One little stressful thing is that you can keep your technology “top secret” before your ships end up in a melee (or rather, aluminum against aluminum).

Will the game manage to carve out a place between Twilight Imperium and Eclipse? In any case, looking at the gear, the big 4X’s ambition is there – and the original material is clearly up to it. For those who do not know the video game and its 7,800 planetary systems, it has been known for its depth and richness for 20 years now.

EVE: War for New Eden
is online on KS until February 21 (no VF for now, but perhaps there will be revealed during the campaign). At this time, more than 1700 backers are gathered, which is good, but more could have been expected considering the power of the license. Delivery scheduled for December 24.


Of course, we wouldn’t make updates on projects without talking to you about Altered (Equinox), which has been buzzing for weeks. The latest cool and shocking info is that the game is already playable on BGA with 6 demo decks, for a limited time, to celebrate the launch of the adventure (which will take place tomorrow) and get as many people on board as possible.

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