The new video game Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra is finally here and it's a real slapper!

Game news The new video game Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra is finally here and it's a real slapper!

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A new game from Marvel, scheduled for 2025, has just revealed its trailer. Between superpowers and heavy weapons, the title promises a breather for the license. A very specific common enemy promises to gather superheroes, in search of a mysterious object and for our greatest pleasure!

Showdown at the top (of the Eiffel Tower?)

Now officially titled Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, the first game from Skydance New Media studio (led by Amy Hennig, former series director Legacy of Cain, Jack & Daxter And Uncharted) is revealed in a CG trailer. The title takes World War II as the backdrop for a clash between Black Panther and Captain Americaplacing the action in a Paris controlled by Hydra. In addition to the heroes, players will share the story with the Howling Commando Gabriel Jones, as well as the Wakandan spy Nanali.

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The game, beyond a simple fight against the fascist organization Marvel, seems to present it two heroes side by side on the same subject. While the hero of Wakanda and T'challa's grandfather, Azzuri, seems to be operating discreetly on the rooftops of Paris, with a slight lead over the US military, Steve Rogers is regularly on hand, applying a direct approach with the help of shield. These do not appear on the same wavelength, in even to strike, heroes against heroes, vibranium against vibranium.

Super soldiers in town

The trailer reveals what the protagonists seem to be looking for in the capital: the Eye of Power. If no additional information about the artifact is released, it appears powerful enough to interest three nations at war. Steve Rogers even states that he is not “ready to trust two too many super soldiers on the loose in Paris”, claiming that a third character with extraordinary power would be present in the city of light. The trailer also ends with a confrontation between the two heroes, the panther's claws cut through the American's shield.

The new video game Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra is finally here and it's a real slapper!

Despite everything, there's no doubt that the adversaries will quickly join forces to thwart Hydra's plot and uncover the secrets of the Eye of the Force. To learn more about this story in the heart of the capital, Players will have to wait, at least, until 2025, the only date revealed by the trailer. This new title, marking the first collaboration between Skydance and Marvelhas the potential to make us forget the debacle of Marvel's Avengers that had tarnished the image of the house of ideas.

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