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All ISPs have a star offering, which brings together their best expertise. But it looks like Free took a lead by launching the Freebox Ultra a few weeks ago. This internet box is the first to integrate WiFi 7 and so much entertainment at the same time. It is therefore very stable on TV and connections. Only its price can work against it, because the business is profitable, but at the top of the line.

The first fiber optic box to offer WiFi 7 is here

Since the price of Freebox Ultra is a sore point, let's talk about it. The best fiber optic box from Free costs €49.99 per month for a full year, then increases to €59.99/month. It's certainly a high price, but one that's largely offset by the different video platforms included, as well as the performance. Simply, you must use it so that choosing this online box is really relevant.

Given the fact that it's a no-strings-attached box, customers can get rid of it at any time. So if the price proves too difficult, just complete the internet box cancellation formalities with Free.

The fastest fiber optic box for sending and wireless connections.

From the moment they sign up, subscribers are spoiled. They can benefit from a 4G internet box with 200 GB which allows you to have a fast connection. It then increases to 50GB per month as long as the fiber optic box is functional.

Internet box without obligation.


With Freebox Ultra, the speed is fully there. At theoretical flow rate 8 Gb/s download and uploadit simply offers the best performance in France, on par with SFR Fiber Premium.

Besides this fiber optic box also offers WiFi 7 for wireless connections, and this is only possible with Free at the moment. Allows you to use up to 4 frequency bands different, with record performance. Subscribers can also take advantage of an included WiFi 7 repeater. And for larger homes, customers can connect up to 4 to the box without commitment.

The best performance with this fiber optic box?

  • One of the best speeds in France (8 Gb/s in download And uploading).
  • The only internet box to integrate WiFi 7.
  • It also includes a WiFi 7 repeater.
  • Qalcomm Networking Pro 820 Platform Processor.
Calculate the cancellation fees for your free box.

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Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Canal+ and more TV content in this online box

For those looking for the best connection, the internet box has already presented its best arguments and they have something to talk about. However, this is only half of what the Freebox Ultra subscription hides. The fiber optic box is too the most generous on the market as for television.

Free Ultra TV internet box

The no-commitment framework offers all of these subscriptions at once.

There are many platforms included in this online box and all are unlimited in time. So, ad-supported subscriptions from Netflix and Disney+ are included, as wellUniversal+ and Amazon Prime (includes the platform, but also perks like fast delivery). Customers also have access to OQEE Ciné, the free platform with more than 500 movies and series.

Internet box without obligation.


For the TV itself, the internet box is also very well equipped. Its bouquet includes more than 280 different channels. Among them, the Canal+ channel live or those of TV from Canal such as Eurosport. To take advantage of all this, subscribers can use the Free OQEE TV app, as well as apps for each platform.

The best way to watch all of this is obviously through a real TV screen. The no-obligation box comes with a 4K HDR TV player. This set-top box works on Android TV and integrates the standards Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for an optimal experience.

The contents included in the online box, in brief:

  • Netflix Standard with advertising.
  • Disney+ Standard with advertising.
  • Amazon Prime?
  • Universal+;
  • Canal+ live?
  • more than 280 channels and 500 movies and series on OQEE Ciné.
  • a TV set-top box with 4K HDR.
Enjoy CANAL+ for Free.

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