The latest RTX 4000 SUPER graphics cards are experiencing tremendous success, but there is a problem… stock shortages are causing prices to rise.

News JVTech The latest RTX 4000 SUPER graphics cards are enjoying resounding success, but there is a problem… stock shortages are driving up prices


Early 2024, you want to build an incredible gaming PC, even your dream one, and there you go: the prices of graphics cards have gone up…

Promising starts for Nvidia’s RTX 4000 SUPER, but a price increase in France…

At the beginning of 2024, gamers’ excitement was palpable with the highly anticipated launch of NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 SUPER graphics cards.

The promised performance and attractive prices generated much enthusiasm, hinting at the possibility of building the ultimate gaming PC for a lower cost. The first few weeks confirmed these expectations, with a considerable number of references in stock, including models priced similarly to the Founders Edition.

However, the initial excitement quickly turned into disappointment for many players. Retailers, initially well-stocked, quickly experienced stock shortages, leaving consumers in uncertainty. Top Achat, a key player in the sector, is now out of stock for the 23 RTX 4080 SUPER references, indicating a much higher demand than expected.

The RTX 4070 SUPER and RTX 4070 Ti SUPER cards, while still available, have seen significant price increases, upsetting consumers’ expectations. Finding an RTX 4070 SUPER at the reference price has become a real challenge, forcing buyers to consider more expensive alternatives.

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The situation in France stands out from the global trend, where graphics card prices are declining. This disparity raises questions about local factors responsible for the price increase. Consumers, already faced with the complexity of choosing from a variety of cards, now see their budgets put to the test.

Information from the Twitter account TechEpiphany reveals that the RTX 4000 SUPER is enjoying great success in Germany. This popularity may also be reflected in the French market. The reasons for this increased demand in France require a thorough analysis of local market trends.

Glimmers of hope for the future?

Despite the challenges faced by French players in the quest for the perfect graphics card, a glimmer of hope emerges for the RTX 4090. Initially marketed at €1949, the price recommended by Nvidia, this cutting-edge graphics card is finally seeing its price drop. At around €1700, it remains expensive, but this reduction can be a breath of fresh air for those looking to access ultimate power.

The RTX 4090 is recognized as the most powerful graphics card on the market, justifying its high price. The current reduction offers an opportunity for video game enthusiasts and high-performance content creators to afford this cutting-edge technology at a slightly less exorbitant cost.

Nvidia is not responsible for this price increase, it is simply a disruption of prices due to a global lack of stock…

The precise reason for this decrease is not yet clear. It could be a logistic problem related to the supply of models in French shops, or a deliberate strategy by Nvidia to make the RTX 4090 more accessible. However, stable prices in other European countries suggest that this phenomenon is specific to the French market.

Questions remain about the future stability of graphics card prices and the availability of the most sought-after models. Players and creators will need to closely monitor market developments in the coming months.

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