The first Indiana Jones video didn’t please everyone: Uncharted and Tomb Raider fans are complaining

Game News The first Indiana Jones video didn’t please everyone: Uncharted and Tomb Raider fans complain


After a long wait, the public finally got to see what the Indiana Jones video game by MachineGames looks like: it’s called Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle and it will be a first-person title… which is sparking debate.

Welcome to the circle

MachineGames is a studio with a very good reputation: in recent years, the Swedish company has proven itself with the various Wolfenstein games under the wing of Bethesda, extremely fast-paced FPS games with a flavorful ambiance and edgy gameplay. This explosive gameplay has become their trademark: so there was plenty to be curious about when the publisher revealed that the company’s next project was a game… Indiana Jones.

The sacred adventure movie franchise will soon give birth to a completely new PC and Xbox title that was unveiled just last week, during Xbox Developper Connect. Its name will be Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle, it will focus on an exclusive adventure of the seasoned archaeologist, and we will find the character to which Harrison Ford will indeed lend his features, albeit dubbed by Troy Baker in English and by Richard Darbois in French, the official (and iconic) voice actor of the American actor in France.

Several big surprises are in store, including another big one: the game will take the form of an FPS. And that, in turn, has sparked much debate in the video game sphere.

The first Indiana Jones video didn't please everyone: Uncharted and Tomb Raider fans complain

In the shoes of Harrison Ford

The first-person camera has surprised many: between Tomb Raider and Uncharted, games of this genre have accustomed their audience to a third-person view, often considered more suitable for situations and for spectacular staging. Similarly, many prefer a third-person shooter for puzzles or simply to enhance the landscapes, settings, or the hero himself, who then appears with even more grandeur. In fact, the choice to have an FPS for an Indiana Jones game has turned into a source of frustration for some players:

On the other hand, many defend MachineGames by pointing out that yes, FPS is part and parcel of the studio’s pure expertise and that one should not have expected otherwise; still others believe that if the developers have opted for this camera, it’s by crafting the game around it and that it should not detract from the players’ experience.

I put people who claims “Indiana Jones should have been a TPS” in the same bag as the ones who are mad that Baldur’s Gate 3 has turn-based combat instead of “modern real-time action gameplay”

Then, others counterbalance, affirming that a subjective view is what this kind of game needed, after several decades of Tomb Raider and Uncharted in an exterior camera. For them, it’s simply a touch of originality and freshness that, on the contrary, piques curiosity. And you, which side do you lean toward?

Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle will be released in 2024 exclusively on PC and Xbox Series.

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