The excesses of artificial intelligence are controversial in China

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Chinese companies offer videos of deceased celebrities. But some families of dead singers and actors are rebelling against these new practices being carried out without permission. Many netizens are calling for respect for the deceased.

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Thanks to new techniques, artificial intelligence brings dead stars back to life virtually, like actor Qiao Renliang, right.  (WEIBO SCREEN MOMENT)

Earlier this year, Taiwanese singer and musician Bao Xiaobo, famous throughout China, made a video of his 22-year-old daughter who had died after an illness. Artificial intelligence techniques virtually bring the young woman back. In an interview in February 2024, the father explains his joy at being able to arrange his daughter's return.

The video became a hit on social networks and gave ideas to several Chinese companies specializing in artificial intelligence. One of them brought back to life at the beginning of the year the singer Coco who lived in Hong Kong and killed herself last summer at the age of 48. In the video we see the singer talking and addressing her fans.

“I'm not gone yet.”

So did the Chinese actor and singer Qiao Renliang who committed suicide in Shanghai in 2016 at the age of 28. Earlier this year, a Chinese company recreated the character in a video. In the images, the actor can be seen speaking and stating:It's me, Qiao Renliang, I haven't left yet.”

Images that made the actor's father react. In an interview published in mid-March, he explains his pain after seeing the images of his son, even though he had not given permission. Demands the destruction of this video, experienced as “a spot“.

On social networks, many netizens are reacting and denouncing the practices of these companies that make money by bringing dead celebrities back to life. “We need boundaries and we need to respect the dead” says a Chinese on the Weibo network. “Only family can do something like that“, another netizen reacts. But for now, this kind of new practice is not regulated in China.

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