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Article updated on April 3, 2024 at 5:33 pm.

Chris Bourassa, the director of Darkest Dungeon, later clarified in an interview with Gamer Social Club that his comment about the “gold rush” was about the entire funding situation of the industry and not just about Xbox Game Pass or Epic Games Store. .

My comment on the gold rush was meant as an overall assessment of the industry's funding situation – as I said, contracts are harder to write, the average size of contracts has decreased, and many companies are facing layoffs.

Casey Yano, the co-founder of Mega Crit Games, added some details.

Offers [Epic] have lost their value. Game Pass offers are a little more nebulous because there is little data available, much more subtle. I know two studios that made big deals (last year).

It's not that there is no money or that funding is impossible, but publishers and platform owners are much more conservative.

However, according to him, many developers he was able to speak with are looking for sources of funding. Unfortunately, too many small groups fail to do this.

Original article from March 29, 2024 posted at 9:31 am.

If in recent years we regularly hear that, without Xbox Game Pass, some independent games could not see the light of day and even less succeed, it seems today that places are becoming more and more rare.

“The gold rush is over”

In an interview recently collected as part of GDC and highlighted by PC Gamer, Casey Yano, co-founder of Mega Crit, did say that the deals that some small developers have relied on in recent years to get capital weren't what they were doing. it was.

Developer Slay The Spire talks here about Epic Games Store exclusivity deals or even Xbox Game Pass and mentions that several developers have had their contracts cancelled:

I spoke to at least five small teams, 35 people or less, during GDC, and they tell me: cuts, cuts, cuts, funding canceled, year-long discussions canceled


It looks like shit. We are really very privileged to be able to finance ourselves. Otherwise I would be very, very, very scared right now

Chris Bourassa, director of Darkest Dungeons at Red Hook Studios, says for his part that Microsoft's offerings to integrate games into Xbox Game Pass have “lost scale” since the service's launch, and that so have those by Epic:

The gold rush is over. I'm from the Northwest Territories. The town I come from was built on gold and then they found diamonds further north. Perhaps another paradigm shift lies ahead, but I certainly think the scale of the deals I'm hearing about is significantly smaller than it was back then. We definitely got our deal with Epic at the right time.

Obviously, we must keep in mind that every situation is different and that one person's experience is not necessarily another's.

As recently pointed out by developer PlateUp, Game Pass is an obvious way to let as many people as possible discover a game, but places are noticeably rarer and rarer that Microsoft or Epic Games support is offered.

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