The Corsair 1000W Gold PC PSU is available for sale on Amazon. And what's more, it's ATX 3.0, so it's compatible with the latest graphics cards

Good news The Corsair 1000W Gold PC PSU is available for sale on Amazon. And what's more, it's ATX 3.0, so it's compatible with the latest graphics cards

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Amazon's spring flash sale also covers computer hardware! And today, a special offer offers a Corsair 1000W Gold-certified ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 compliant power supply at a really discounted price.

Amazon Flash Sale: This 1000W Modular Gaming PSU from Corsair is on sale

When you decide to build your custom PC configuration, you obviously choose the best components that fit your budget, such as the graphics card, processor, RAM, SSD, etc. However, it is important that these components are properly powered to ensure smooth operation.

So if you're looking for a 1000W modular PSU without breaking the bank, the Corsair PSU SF1000L is what you need. Suitable for compact computers and compatible with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards, it offers very good performance, combined with great reliability.

Normally priced at €247.90, this 1000W Gold PSU designed by Corsair has seen its price drop to €159.90 during the Amazon Spring Sale!

The Corsair PSU SF1000L PC Power Supply for sale on Amazon

Corsair PSU SF1000L: A reliable power supply, fully modular and perfect for large configurations!

With her 1000 W power, the Corsair PSU SF1000L is designed to power the largest gaming PC configurations. The latter provides power for all your demanding components, thus ensuring optimal performance.

Equipped with 80 Plus Gold certificationit offers very interesting energy efficiency, allowing you to reduce energy losses in the form of heat and even save money on your electricity bill.

Take advantage of the Corsair PSU SF1000L computer power supply at a discounted price

Her ATX format and his own compatibility with ATX 3.0 standard and PCIe 5.0 interface making it a versatile choice suitable for many occasions. Fully modularsimplifies cable management, providing a clean and organized layout, without having to end up with cables laying around unnecessarily in the enclosure.

Moreover, his 120mm fanguarantees quiet operation even when your graphics card and processor are under maximum load, allowing you to play or work without being disturbed by unpleasant noise.

Find the Corsair PSU SF1000L on Amazon

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