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If you have the Waze app on your smartphone, know that there is a way to display all the radars very simply.

In 2013, Google acquired Waze, which has become one of the most used free GPS applications in the world in a few years. In fact, there are plenty of tricks concerning the appearance of radars, and few of you know them.

The success of Waze in France

The success of Waze is probably due to its many features. But also to a constantly updated mapping thanks to the information provided by users.

This information includes details such as work areas, accidents, obstacles on the road. But also local weather conditions, traffic jams, allowing drivers to anticipate problems and choose alternative routes.

However, the popularity of Waze is also attributable to its dedicated community of volunteers. Many work daily to improve and update mapping information.

Over the years, Waze has introduced new features in response to user requests. But some hidden tips and features often remain unknown.

For example, you can ask for help in case of problems. To do this, simply press the reporting button and select Assistance.

There is also a child reminder option in the settings to receive an alert at the end of your journey. A planning tool to set a departure time based on the time you want to arrive.

Multiple tips

On Waze, you also have the option to add a stop to your journey. You can also plan breaks by adding a stop to your route.

In recent years, the application detects radars and you can also synchronize the app with Google Assistant while driving. This allows you to have voice features while driving.

You can also set a speed limit alert. The application allows you to receive an alert in case of speeding by activating this feature in the settings.

A tip on the Waze app had gone viral on TikTok. By going to the settings, you have the option to record your own voice for the guidance announcements.

The Waze app also allows you to save money by avoiding tolls. For this, simply activate the corresponding option in the navigation settings.

Know that you can configure Waze according to your vehicle. Finally, you can connect your favorite audio player to Waze to control the music directly from the app.

Waze allows you to understand the radars on the roads

If you frequently use Waze for your trips, you are probably familiar with the alert signals. Especially the one with a blue kepi, which generally encourages caution and slowing down.

These warnings thus signal the presence of police checks, and often also radars. In accordance with the current legislation, only danger zones are indicated, without specifying the exact locations of the radars.

However, it is possible to activate the specific reporting of the presence of radars on Waze. This manipulation is very simple, just open the application, access the Settings, then the Map Display and go to Reports.

In this space, all alerts, including those related to radars and red light cameras, are then displayed. You have the choice to display them or not on the map and to receive or not warnings when approaching these devices.

To activate the display of radars on Waze, follow these steps. Open Waze, go to Settings, then to Map Display and click on the Reports tab. Note, however, that although this works most of the time, there are exceptions.

Authorities can therefore deactivate alerts, especially during special operations. Waze can therefore help you, but keep in mind that you must respect the rules of the road in all circumstances.

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