The best messaging apps in 2024

You pass Messenger by default because you were never interested in alternatives? Trust us, there probably is best solutions that we will present to you today.

What makes a good messaging app?

Let's start from the beginning and find out together what features are absolutely necessary for a messaging app to make it one of the best on the market.

The first thing to look for and the most essential thing is of course security and confidentialitywith the punishment of seeing your private life exposed to everyone, or your conversations being carried out by a huge corporation.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the application offers high level of data security and end-to-end encryption to protect your conversations from privacy breaches. Otherwise, to determine whether a messaging app is good or not, we will look at its features. Is video chat possible, is it available on all platforms? Are your friends and family already using the app?

These are various elements with a clear and intuitive user interface that should be considered when choosing the messaging app that suits you best. Of course it will always be better to integrate a messaging app that most of your contacts will already be usingotherwise you should stick to trying to convert them.

However, getting grandma to change her habits is not easy, and the popularity of an app is often synonymous with convenience in this sense.

Finally, the last essential point to consider is the price. It sometimes happens that some messaging services have premium paid features, even if generally, this kind of thing is reserved for professional messaging services.

WhatsApp, the most popular of all

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Perhaps the best known, most popular and most used in the world, WhatsApp has a user population greater than 2 billion people. So there is a good chance that your friends and family are already using this app.

Of course, it's free, and its strength lies in its ability to be used on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and a web browser. Knowing that WhatsApp is now owned by Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram specifically), the downside of the app is probably its confidentiality and privacy risks.

Telegram, to reach the largest groups


If you want to reach the whole world (or almost) with a single message as well as share large files, you have to go through Telegram. Indeed, the power of the application lies in the fact that it is possible to create group chats with anyone 200,000 participants!

However, don't forget to enable Secret Chat features to take advantage of end-to-end encryption. So, Telegram can be the ideal solution for communicating with an impressive number of peoplein case you're starting a crowdfunding project and want to keep everyone updated on the progress, for example.

Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and a web browser, Telegram is free, but also has a monthly subscription for those who want to take advantage of premium features.

Snapchat, for visual communication

Snapchat has always proposed an innovative idea of ​​sending photos (named 'Snap' for the occasion) with an ephemeral duration pre-set by the user. Apparently it's also possible to send videos and messages, with the same capabilities.

If a smart guy wants to take a screenshot of your photos, you will be notified with a warning message. But be careful with geniuses who prefer to enable video recording of their screen, for which no warning message will be sent. We will continue to appreciate being able to post stories, but also the fun aspect of filters.

Signal, the safest

Message sign
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Its application signal The institution is considered the most secure of all. The messages sent are end-to-end encrypted with a particularly strict protocol.

signal presents a very useful feature with his ephemeral messages. Once messages are read in a chat, they disappear. A true James Bond style feature where messages end up self-destructing. It is also possible to choose a time limit for these messages to disappear.

Unfortunately, the app isn't the most popular, and chances are you'll have to convert your friends and family if you're going to use it with them. Some people may criticize the lack of customization the app offers, which often goes to the basics.

We will also appreciate its compatibility with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and web browsers.

Facebook Messenger, to contact others without having their phone numbers

Facebook Messenger
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Facebook Messenger allows you to contact multiple people without necessarily having their phone number. With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, There's a good chance that anyone in your family over the age of 30 can be reached through Facebook's messaging service.

Rather practical for conducting group chats as well as video calls, it is possible to use the application on all platforms in the same way as WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, the privacy problem will be similar to the latter, to the point where Meta's decisions are accused of promoting child crime. Therefore, we can only advise you not to use Messenger to communicate sensitive data.

Google Messages and the RCS revolution

It is the default app on many Android smartphones, such as the Google Pixel series. The application Google Messages has revolutionized the way we send messages by moving from SMS to RCS (pour Rich Communication Services).

A protocol that mainly allows for easier group messaging, sharing large files, read receipt, sending GIFs, stickers, animations and reactions to messages, and more.

Integrated with many Google servicesit makes life easier for users and also offers end-to-end encryption of messages. Google Messages is the best messaging app available on Android smartphones.

Discord, the messaging service for gamers

Discord it was designed for players who wish to chat using written or voice functions with each other, offering a very practical channel system and highly advanced sound settings.

From, Discord is used worldwide as one of the best messaging services out therethus allowing you to stream, enjoy low-latency video and calling, the ability to bring together a community with its moderation tools, and its accessibility on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and web browsers.

It also has a partnership with Sonyit is now possible to join channels and other newsgroups Discord on PS5, which is even more practical for players. In short, Discord is an urgent must-discover app for those who would like to join different communities to have exciting conversations.

Slack, for professionals

If you work in a field where communication between employees is essential, there's a good chance you're already familiar with using this messaging app.

Slack is an app dedicated to professionals which is one of the most popular in the field. It offers automation bots for delegating repetitive tasks, can be used across all platforms, and offers every employee's favorite feature, personalized emojis.

There is still a big concern with Looseness, chat history blocked behind the app's paid features, which your employer will probably never pay.

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