the 1st DLC and a balancing patch are coming

The release date of the first DLC for Tekken 8 has just been made official by Bandai Namco. During the latest Tekken Talk, Katsuhiro Harada, Kohei Ikeda, and Michael Murray announced that the first expansion will officially be available starting April 4th.

We've already known for several weeks which fighter was going to join the roster on this occasion: it'sEddie Gordo, the capoeira expert who is one of the franchise's most iconic characters. But even if its fundamental identity remains intact, the gameplay should change a bit compared to the previous games.

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Eddie is known to be a particularly frustrating character, with his dynamic movements full of illegible movements. A point that already gave players chills because Tekken DLC characters have a reputation for being quite poorly balanced and often too powerful at launch. But thankfully, the developers explained that the character had been simplified overall to make it easier to understand.

Very good news, knowing that as tradition dictates, you'll have to buy this DLC to find out how to deal with it… a pay-to-profit dimension that the studio fully embraces, much to the chagrin of the community who have no choice but to to resign. Regardless, it will be interesting to discover this new version, which will also have new attacks and a mechanical buff like Asuka, Claudio or Leo, for example.

If you want to get started, you'll also be able to explore Eddy's new version from April 1st — but on one condition. You will need to purchase it first annual pass, which will also give access to the other three DLC characters from the first season. These have yet to be announced and as of now, this Seasons Pass does not appear to be available for purchase yet. will be available at Tekken Shop, and probably on Steam, PS Store and Microsoft Store very soon.

A necessary balancing patch, but very cowardly

At the same time, Harada and his troops took the opportunity to reveal the contents of a balancing patch which will be implemented on April 1. It contains a number of small changes, but also some bigger changes. We can mention a few worthy lovers of Zafinaa dominant character in the latter work, but fairly helpless in Tekken 8.

On the other hand, it's the opposite for Dragunov, a fairly weak character at the end of Tekken 7's life cycle, but who has been overwhelmingly dominating the competition since the release of Tekken 8. The Russian representative of the roster suffered some notable nerveswith several moves that will now be more vulnerable bypasses…but that's probably insufficient, since Bandai Namco hasn't touched the ridiculously oppressive context data of their attacks, nor the tracking of tankers.

Finally, we are relieved to note that Azucena's signature move, the famous wr3.2 that could completely lock down a match by itself, also suffered rather essential nerve. It remains to be seen whether this amendment will have the desired effect in practice.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Eddie. Will he be rather weak like in the last work or absolutely monstrous like most of the DLC characters? Bets are open!

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