TEST: The 4 best folding smartphones on the market

Folding smartphones, while not enjoying great commercial success due to their still high price, are widely popular. Their original design appeals to both tech enthusiasts and the general public. When open, these smartphones display a large screen for enjoying multimedia content. When closed, thanks to their folding internal screen, they offer a convenient compactness in the pocket. Two types of models coexist on the market. The first has a folding screen the size of a small tablet as well as an external screen similar to that of a classic smartphone when closed. The second, when open, is of a fairly traditional format, but when the internal screen is folded, the case is no larger than a powder compact. A bit like our old flip phones!

The other advantage of the folding smartphone are the new uses that result. When placed on a table, semi-open screen, the large format model turns into a mini PC compatible with multi-window. The small format model, on the other hand, facilitates video calls in semi-open mode and you can use its small external screen to check notifications or, as a return, to take selfies with the main camera. Do you want to take the plunge into the world of folding smartphones, but don’t know which one to choose? Here are the four best folding smartphones on the market put to the test!

Contents: The Best 4 Folding Smartphones

  1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
  2. Motorola Razr 40 Ultra
  3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
  4. Motorola Razr 40
  5. Our Recommendations by Test Criteria

Our Tests of the Top Folding Smartphones on the Market

Test Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: Incarnated Charm

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and its small front screen. The Parisian Shopping Guide
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is for you if:

  • A compact and sophisticated design is your major criterion
  • You don’t mind the quality of night photos
  • You refuse any compromise in terms of power

Where to buy at the best price?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is not the first small folding phone on the market. There was the Motorola Razr before it in 2019, inspired by the same name flip phones. It is, however, one of the most emblematic models in the sector. It has charmed all consumers, even those less sensitive to tech. Samsung has turned its Flip into a real gem and it is perceived as a style accessory. Even a bit shaken up by more innovative competition, the Galaxy Z Flip5 remains a sought-after folding phone, especially with its larger external screen. A safe bet.

Design and ergonomics

What is appreciated most about the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is its design of extraordinary elegance, its high-end construction, all glass and metal. Thanks to its new hinge, the device folds completely back on itself, leaving no visible space. The result is a device that is thinner than before, in the form of a powder compact that can be easily slipped into a pocket. When you open this case, the internal folding screen is revealed. Its size, comfortable for surfing, watching videos, playing, or sharing on social networks, has not changed since the first model, unfortunately! On the other hand, the external screen, also known as the cover screen, has gone from a simple display to a real 3.4 inch screen, which makes it much easier to check notifications.

With this screen, Samsung adds some new uses, such as the ability to launch Maps directly or watch YouTube videos without having to go through the large screen. Since the device works with the One UI environment (an overlay of Android 13), we can hope that Samsung will bring new uses to light on the occasion of updates. Meanwhile, the Flex mode designed by Samsung, which takes advantage of the large folding screen when the smartphone is semi-open on a table, is still very appreciable. With apps like YouTube, Instagram, or Meet, the image is displayed in the upper portion of the screen and controls in the lower portion. The external screen can also be used to take selfies with the main sensors, which are much more efficient. Smart!

The folding format and Flex mode facilitate certain uses. The Parisian Shopping Guide
The folding format and the Flex mode facilitate certain uses. The Parisian Shopping Guide


The Full HD+ folding screen of the Galaxy Z Flip5, 6.7 inches, is a small wonder of readability thanks to its P-Oled (Plastic Oled, more flexible, used for folding screens) technology, its high resolution of 425 points per inch, and its excellent brightness. It has even exceeded 1400 cd/m² at its peak and even 1500 cd/m² with HDR content. This rapid improvement makes up for a lack of color accuracy, which can quickly be corrected by selecting the natural mode in the display settings. The adaptive refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz allows it to display images with great fluidity in the most demanding content (games, video content).

The folding screen of the Flip is a delight for the eyes. The Parisian Shopping Guide
The folding screen of the Flip is a delight for the eyes. The Parisian Shopping Guide

The small screen also offers solid performance, at 3.4 inches. Very bright and with a satisfactory resolution, this panel is far from occupying the entire back half. The progress is undeniable compared to the Flip4 and its 1.9-inch external screen. You can easily check your route on Maps, or even watch YouTube videos. And it gives the Z Flip5 an even more appealing design. However, we would have liked to have seen much more new features. Unlike Motorola, Samsung has remained fairly shy from this point of view.


Like the vast majority of folding smartphones, especially small-format flip phones, the Galaxy Z Flip5 is constrained by limited space. The main camera is therefore only composed of two modules, a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens, both equipped with 12-megapixel sensors. One cannot expect an optical zoom or great low-light capabilities. However, this Flip benefits from Samsung’s expertise in photography.

Photo taken with the Galaxy Z Flip5: the portrait mode offers a customizable bokeh effect afterwards. The Parisian Shopping Guide
Photo taken with the Galaxy Z Flip5: the portrait mode offers a customizable bokeh effect afterwards. The Parisian Shopping Guide

In fair lighting conditions, the shots benefit from a richness of details and flattering colors. The shots at dusk are not totally out of the question, despite the quick loss of sharpness. The Z Flip5 is quite good at portraits, including with the

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