Team Vitality inflicts Karmine Corp with its 5th consecutive loss in this LEC Winter Split

This second day of the second week of the LEC Winter Split 2024 concludes with the confrontation between Karmine Corp and Team Vitality. This face-off between the two French teams ended in a victory for Vetheo and his team, marking their 2nd win of the 2024 season.

Level of play was absent, but the game was somewhat entertaining

We are ending this second day of the second week of the LEC Winter Split with a match that has generated exceptional anticipation, especially on the French side: Team Vitality vs Karmine Corp. This matchup highlights the French rivalry within the European league. This match between Team Vitality and Karmine Corp is more than just a confrontation between two teams; for one, it’s an opportunity to confirm their return to form, while for the other, it’s a fight for their first victory, a chance to break their streak of losses and make a strong statement about their future in the league.

Team Vitality, currently in 8th place in the standings, has just secured their first victory of the season against Rogue. This victory might be a turning point in their journey and will certainly provide the necessary momentum, likely boosting confidence within the team. With only one win in four matches, Team Vitality is clearly in a position where every match now counts double to secure a place in the top 8 and prove their worth on the European scene. Facing them is Karmine Corp, ranked 10th and last. This team, which has not yet secured a single victory, is under immense pressure. Despite not having won any matches yet, this team is not lacking in talent or potential, but they are struggling to translate their desire into concrete results and find their way to the Nexus. A notable “fun fact” is that Karmine Corp is entirely composed of former Team Vitality players, adding an extra layer of rivalry and passion to this encounter.

Victory for the team that made the fewest mistakes

The final part of this second day takes place on Summoner’s Rift with a relatively peaceful early game between the two teams. Apart from a few exchanges between laners, the Vita and KC teams remain cautious, focusing on their lane phase and map control. The first major confrontation occurs at the 10th minute, resulting in an advantage for Karmine with two kills to their name. The two teams face off again shortly after for control of the second dragon. KC manages to secure the objective, but at the cost of conceding four kills. At 15 minutes into the game, the teams are neck and neck, but Vita seems slightly advantaged thanks to a better draft, with Vetheo and Carzzy having a better itemization.

At the 20th minute, Vita initiates a teamfight in the enemy jungle, but it clearly backfires, resulting in numerous losses and shutdowns. A similar pattern occurs a few minutes later, with Vita forcing another teamfight that they also lose. While KC seems to be gaining the upper hand, they suffer a defeat in a crucial confrontation near the river at the 25th minute. Vita achieves an ACE and secures their first Baron of the game. Taking advantage of the Baron buff, the Bees advance on the map and move closer to the enemy base. After an extended period of observation, Karmine Corp wins a defensive teamfight thanks to an excellent performance from Saken, capitalizing on poor positioning and questionable decisions from Vita to make a comeback in the game.

As the match approaches the 40-minute mark, the tension is palpable and errors accumulate on both sides. Ultimately, it is Team Vitality that manages to gain the upper hand due to the poor positioning of some KC players. Karmine Corp succumbs to the pressure and sees their Nexus destroyed by the Bees, suffering their fifth defeat in this LEC Winter Split. For Team Vitality, this victory marks a clear improvement from the previous week and represents their second consecutive success, allowing the team to climb to 6th place in the standings.

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