Tap to pay on iPhone: banks and services compatible with Apple's POS solution

Since late last year, merchants have been able to do without a payment terminal (TPE) to collect payments from their customers. Thanks to the new Tap to Pay solution, all you need is an iPhone to accept all card payments. Finally, an iPhone and a compatible app. Apple essentially leaves control to partners for the financial part. Which banks and payment services are compatible with Tap to Pay on iPhone? What are the fees for each of these? We take stock.

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A collection solution for professionals

Before listing Apple partners, it's worth remembering that Tap to Pay isn't built for individuals. It would be convenient to request a refund from a friend by simply giving them your iPhone, but the service is not designed for this: there are fees for each transaction, and you need a business account, linked to a company, with any Apple partner. Apple Cash is unfortunately not yet available in France, you always have to use Lydia or make transfers to your loved ones.

Tap to Pay on iPhone is now used in Apple Stores and several brands, such as Dyson and Sephora, are in the process of rolling out the solution at their points of sale. It is compatible with mobile payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Paylib, etc.) as well as contactless payments made by bank card. Contactless payments are accepted even above €50 thanks to the PIN Online function: when a transaction exceeds this limit, the iPhone acting as a POS asks the customer to enter their card's PIN code.

Apple already has about ten partners, including banks, neobanks and services specializing in payments.

Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Épargne, Crédit Coopératif, Payplug (BPCE group)

The first major group to adopt Apple Pay in France in 2016, BPCE is also one of the first to support Tap to Pay on the iPhone. Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Épargne, Crédit Coopératif and Payplug are now compatible. Payments are made through the exclusive Tap to Pay applications of each subsidiary: Tap to Pay Banque Populaire, Tap to Pay Caisse d'Épargne, etc.

For business customers of the BPCE group, the service requires a no-obligation subscription at €4.90 tax-free/month, not including the cost of the bank account. This subscription is only charged if a discounted transaction has taken place during the calendar month. BPCE is currently the only Apple partner that charges a mandatory additional subscription to use Tap to Pay.

In addition, the bank receives a fixed commission of €0.15 tax-free for each transaction as well as a variable commission of 1.25% for individual cards and 2.5% for business or non-Eurozone cards.


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