Stop everything! The best video game April Fool's joke of 2024 was Pokémon's: they imagined a crazy competition for this title in the series

Game news Stop everything! The best video game April Fool's joke of 2024 was Pokémon's: they imagined a crazy competition for this title in the series

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April 1st passed and so did her crazy announcements! For the Pokémon Company, it's a success. The Japanese company has just announced a fake tournament in one of the most unexpected games in the license. With a more than convincing video, fans seem won over, calling the joke the best video game April Fool's joke of 2024.

Surprise! For April 1st, The Pokémon Company announces the arrival of a new game to its competitive scene: Pokémon Sleep. First announced in 2019, this innovative mobile game encourages players to interact with the virtual world of Pokémon while improving their resting habits. Using motion and sound sensors, the game tracks users' sleep time to reward those who adopt healthy routines. Although it's just a joke from the Japanese company, we could easily be convinced by the trailer.

Arena for the Pokémon Sleep competition

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One day I will be the best sleeper!

In this impressive video, which aired on April 1st, the official Pokémon Channel revealed the long-awaited announcement of the first Pokémon Sleep tournament. Although it's just a joke, the video shows enthusiastic players gathering in a specially designed arena. Each participant is locked in a “sleeping box” equipped with a comfortable bed. In front of millions of viewers, the participants have only one goal: to sleep as much as possible to win.

Dubbed “the most unexpected trophy of the year,” contestants go head-to-head in this four-minute video to determine the sleeper champion. Whether it's their ability to fall asleep quickly, their posture in bed, or even using unexpected Pokémon-inspired tactics like Tyranitar's “high sleep style,” each participant brings their own strategy to this unique event. But what good is a contest without a commentator? For this, “Kenny Mattress” or Kenny Matelas in French and “Chris Pillow”Chris Oreiller is in charge!

Just a joke or an upcoming contest?

Despite the humorous and unusual aspect of the announcement, fans welcomed this initiative with enthusiasm. Many on social media praised The Pokémon Company's commitment to exploring new ways to play and interact with their beloved franchise: “This is one of the best April Fools videos I've ever seen!” points out a user on YouTube.

We're training at the hotel we just arrived at!

Unfortunately for Japanese society, this positive reaction quickly turned into a serious demand: “I don't care if it's April 1st, we have to do this!” exclaims a netizen on Platform X. Players now imagine that they can bring their professional sleeping skills to life in a competitive event where they will be tested in a very serious environment!

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