Still a 'giant and very long way to go', CD Projekt won't use artificial intelligence for its games

Game news Still a 'giant and very long way to go', CD Projekt won't use artificial intelligence for its games

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Genetic artificial intelligence is considered by many to be a real technical revolution, which however needs to be stabilized. It has its critics, but it is already being closely studied by studios and publishers. On the CD Projekt side, on the other hand, we remain very cautious about its use, and especially from a writing perspective.

Generative AI is coming to video games, but not everyone is approaching it the same way

Developing a game requires a lot of skills. On the triple A scale, there are hundreds, even thousands of people that intervene to give life to a universe. For about two years, the industry has shown great interest in genetic artificial intelligence. Often reported to investors by managers, some studios are already experimenting with specific applications and others justifiably fear for their jobs or the quality of the games being produced. If many are carefully studying the matter without announcing anything to the general public, some publishers such as Ubisoft have already introduced tools.

The French publisher took advantage of the recent Game Developers Conference to present NEO NPCsan AI technology that enables NPCs to keep conversations moving with the players. Everything is presented as a supplement to the NPC scenarios, but this system did not fail to cause a reaction. Apparently, many developers have been asked about these genetic AIs. This is especially the case of Pawel Sasko, formerly Quest Director in Cyberpunk 2077. Since he was promoted to director in the sequel (Orion), the latter expressed his opinion on the matter in Aftermath.

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An interest currently limited to writing?

He stated that CD Projekt had conducted Research and Development on genetic artificial intelligence, but that the results they were not convincing. He specifically believes it still exists”a huge and very long road” before the quality of the generated NPCs reaches that of the characters created and written by the developers.

I could see how it could be used to increase response. But when it comes to writing and voice acting, there is a huge and very long way to go. I saw a lot of things behind the scenes. There is a visible gap between written content, i.e. the personalized content that writers, search designers, cinematographers create with their own hands, and something that AI can provide.

For him, the gap is still too big, but, apparently, it is something that can evolve very quickly. Andrew Wilson and Jensen Huang, CEOs of EA and NVIDIA respectively, recently made very enthusiastic statements about artificial intelligence, with the latter indicating that within ten years, we could play titles made entirely by AI. It remains to be settled, as these statements are generally made for investors, who are particularly sensitive to this type of innovation.

However, some developers easily imagine that artificial intelligence could they help in some specific and yet very time-consuming tasks. Sven Vincke, the very talkative CEO of Larian Studio, explains for example that if he sees genetic AI as a tool that can be useful, it will not replace the creative dimension of the human spirit. The next few years will allow us to see how this technology has or hasn't been incorporated into published games, or what jobs it has created or destroyed.

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