Stellar Blade is sexist, but its developer doesn’t see the problem.

A Stellar Blade developer, a game featuring a heroine in provocative outfits, tried to justify the sexy dimension of the game. “It’s entertainment intended for an adult audience,” he claims.

At the last Sony State of Play presentation, we were able to discover a long trailer for Stellar Blade. And there is something striking when you look closely at the images of this aesthetically successful action game: the heroine is ultra-sexy. In less than 6 minutes, she is seen wearing outfits that are all more improbable than the others. The message is clear: the shorter it is, the more skin is visible, the better. Yet, this is a character tasked with getting rid of an enemy threat in a post-apocalyptic context.

Leggings so tight that it looks like a second skin, plunging neckline (revealing a generous chest), a costume resembling a nightgown, a schoolgirl uniform (the cliché of the Asian fantasy), high heels… All with camera angles and animations that emphasize the perfect silhouette of Eve, the heroine of Stellar Blade. It is difficult not to see it as the sexualization of women, a practice that tended to disappear in the last video game productions. Yet this choice is 100% assumed by the developer, with arguments that defy understanding.

With Stellar Blade, the Shift Up studio exhibits its fantasies

In an interview relayed on February 8, 2024, by GamesRadar+, Hyung-Tae Kim, the director of Stellar Blade, tried to justify the project’s inevitably sexy argument. Starting with the constant focus on Eve’s backside: “As for the design, we put the emphasis on the character’s rear because players are always facing it when they play. It’s what they see the most, so it’s very important.” It was unknown that a character’s charisma is first measured by the perfection of their posterior. This recalls Hideo Kojima’s bizarre excuses for Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Tighter, you die. // Source : Screenshot

Hyung-Tae Kim continues and digs himself deeper: “Frankly, when I play a game, I want to see someone who is much more beautiful than me. I don’t want to see someone normal, I want to see an ideal. I think that’s important for entertainment. And after all, it’s entertainment intended for an adult audience.” If we follow this reasoning, his ideal seems to resemble a pornographic actress with an angelic face, an image that is difficult to identify with and that conveys old sexist undertones. The problem does not really lie in the decision to opt for an attractive character, but to transform the character into a sort of doll that can be dressed in outfits that make no sense from a narrative point of view.

Despite undoubtedly appreciable video game qualities (we will have to wait to play it), Stellar Blade is sweeping away a questioning orchestrated in recent years — which we had seen in the evolution of Lara Croft, a former sex symbol returning to a more “normal” physique.

Stellar Blade // Source : Capture d'écran
Is this really an outfit to save the world? // Source : Screenshot

Hyung-Tae Kim still tries to make us believe that there is a “woman with a heart and a personality” behind all these constantly highlighted physical attributes. “She will interact with more and more characters, and become more and more human. At first, she is just a simple soldier and doesn’t show many emotions. As the story progresses, you will see changes in that regard,” he says.

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