Smartphones will be just a (bad) memory in ten years, according to some experts

  • One after the other, the announcements of two new types of AI-based digital products have shaken the tech world.
  • Thus, the AI Pin from Humane, and the Rabbit R1 from Rabbit Inc., foreshadow a near future where we could do without our smartphones.
  • This will undoubtedly be the case, according to some experts, and certainly within the next ten years at most.

Cold snap on telephony. The successive announcements of the AI Pin from Humane and the Rabbit R1 from the start-up Rabbit Inc, two small devices which, thanks to AI, allow us to free ourselves from our smartphones, had the effect of thunder on the tech planet. Are our iPhones and other Samsung Galaxies about to permanently leave our pockets to be replaced by new products whose contours are already visible? To find out, 20 Minutes interviewed Damien Douani, an expert in innovations, cultures, and digital usages, and Florent Roulier, head of innovation for the digital transformation consulting company Niji.

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