Since when did Hollow Knight Silksong become a hoax?

Is one of the most anticipated games of the year the focus of a bad joke? This is the question that has been preoccupying the gaming community since Easter Monday, which also happened to be April 1st. Fake announcements were once again rife this year, but one extraordinary event caught the players' eyes. Hollow Knight Silksongthe sequel to the famous metroidvania released in 2017, received a product page in the Microsoft Store.

Whether it was a coincidence of timing or a well-established marketing strategy, the information prompted many responses. The creation of this page is supposed to indicate that the development of the game is nearing its end and that it will soon arrive on consoles and PC. However, the fact that it was added without prior announcement and with no news from the studio for several months makes players doubt its veracity. Could this be an April Fool's joke?

Two stations, two meters

In the networks, the reactions are more than mixed. Some claim that the information, however small, is authentic. Two possibilities are then possible. The timing was either just poorly chosen by the studio, or calculated from the start to seem like a joke that isn't really a joke. A complicated story that many players find difficult to swallow.

That is why the second half of the fans complain about a tasteless prank. For this part of the community, Hollow Knight Silksong it is indeed mocked, playing on the fact that players have been eagerly waiting for it for 3 years to mock it and create a comical situation. What is it actually?

As of now, neither Microsoft nor Team Cherry have responded to the controversy surrounding them. However, it is clear that the product page is still available and accessible. There is, however, one indication that could confirm the first theory, that the news is not an April Fool's joke. Simultaneously with the arrival of its listing in the Microsoft Store, Hollow Knight Silksong has received an ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) rating.

A rating to appease them all…or almost

For Anglophobes, this is a rating system that categorizes the game to recommend it to a certain age group of users, the equivalent of our famous PEGI in Europe. In the Xbox Store, we can see thisHollow Knight Silksong rated 10+ for use of “fantasy violence” and “mild blood”. If that's a relief, it's because The ESRB rating is usually available at the end of a game's development process. This could therefore mean thatHollow Knight Silksong it is well on its way, but above all it could be released in the next few weeks.

This hypothesis would agree with the last information we had about it. Indeed, during the last Xbox and Bethesda conference last summer, the studios stated that the sequel toHollow Knight would arrive in the “next 12 months”. With no news from Team Cherry, players were always hopeful see disembarking silk song before June 11. We'll still need some patience to find out what it is.

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