second DLC coming April 18th, details and video – Final Fantasy World

During a press conference at PAX East in Boston, Square Enix revealed new details about its second downloadable content Final Fantasy XVI, The rising tide (The surf's lament), starting from its release date: April 18. A new trailer has been released, showing a bit more of the Mysidian region and even a mysterious glimpse of Winged Clive… But during the presentation, the developers refused to say more about what this means – we remind you that they already pointed out that a The bonus will await players who have acquired the powers of all Primordials.

The official website has also been filled with images and details.

History and world

The story of this DLC begins when an anonymous letter arrives at the shelter: it claims that the emissary of Leviathan, who is believed to be missing, needs help. Clive and his companions go to the region of Mysia, an oasis miraculously spared by the Black Scourge in the northern lands, to investigate. There they meet Sula, a woman with a tragic story, who accompanies them on their journey. Mysia is a region rich in magic (its name is actually inspired by that of the same wizarding village in FFII And IV) is associated with a now extinct people.

While the rest of the world of Balisthea sinks into a dark hue at the same time, the sky there is still blue. There are two reasons for this: the first is that the developers just got tired of playing under such a heavy sky, but the second is really written in the universe – but we will not know more for now. Mysia is also characterized by its vast frozen wave.

A monster well known to gamers Ultimate fantasy also lurking in Mysia: the tonberry, which has for the occasion adopted a more massive and realistic appearance given the universe dark fantasy of FFXVI. He is the one you see in these different images, and one of his versions will appear among the elite targets accessible from Mysidia village.

Battle system

The focus of this DLC will be the battle against Leviathan. During the conference, producer Naoki Yoshida and director Takeo Kujiraoka mentioned that while the combat will undoubtedly be less spectacular than some of the Primordial conflicts in the main game, it will be more challenging, as it was designed with the idea that this should be of Ifrit. “Last Great Race”. Therefore, the two creators invite players to review Ifrit's skills and improve Clive's level if the test is too difficult.

Defeating Leviathan allows you to gain his powers, which are embodied by a sea serpent encircling Clive's hand. His two main skills are an area effect laser (associated with the triangle button) and a sea water shot (associated with square), which allows you to play at a distance. Abilities are linked to a “tidal bar” which gradually empties and needs to be recharged. But by following the right timing, it is possible to perform a perfect recharge that allows you to exploit the meter in an infinite way.

New battle mode

Players who complete the second DLC and the main game will be able to unlock a new section in the Refuge Stele of Excellence: the Kairos Portal, which consists of twenty successive levels of increasing difficulty. Each successful stage allows you to acquire materials and weapons, as well as points to use to improve Clive. A global leaderboard will be offered. The developers also stated that completing all stages in the S rank on the “Final Fantasy” difficulty unlocks a special boss. But his identity remains a secret for now.

Base game update

Finally, the main game will receive an update (1.30) which will bring some changes:

  • Added an option to immediately return to the person who assigned a mission once completed.
  • Updated icons for important character quests to stand out better.
  • Ability to store up to five skill sets.
  • Custom skills and accessories for easier use.
  • New controller configuration to freely customize your keys.
  • Added options in photo mode: tone correction, effects, etc.
  • Added nearly 40 new orchestral scores, including music from battles against the Primordials.
  • Other changes.

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