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TV-free boxes are quite popular, because today, there are many other ways of entertainment than using a traditional set-top box. Consequently, RED by SFR and Bouygues Telecom offer internet subscriptions that focus on connectivity. In addition to a relatively low price, cheap boxes offer discounts that allow you to make real savings. Therefore, everything is accessible to subscribers who only want to take advantage of the services they need. Let's break down these offers to better understand how they work.

Two months free: maximum savings with the RED TV-free box

With the RED by SFR internet subscription the monthly payments are €25.99 each. It is already far from being the highest priced internet box, on the contrary. What's more, the ISP does it even better: it offers two free months to all its customers! Over the course of a year, subscribers therefore pay €259.90, with saving €51.98.

One of the cheapest subscriptions on the internet, because it does not require a set-top box.

Freedom is complete for this box without a TV, and this is verified even in the contract that is without obligation. Therefore, customers are free to terminate it at any time, they will not pay any fines. They can also choose the theoretical flow rate using an option. By default, there are already 500 Mb/s downloads and uploads. Otherwise, for €7/month, it is possible to change the RED by SFR internet box and increase download speed up to 2 Gb/s, with WiFi 6 as a bonus.

Internet box without obligation.


With the cheap box, customers still have the right to fixed telephony. In addition, RED by SFR offers its option that allows you to contact all mobiles in France (DOM included) unlimited. This is in addition to calls to landlines to approximately one hundred international destinations.

RED by SFR displays a box without a TV in the sense that decoder not included, however direct access remains possible. 35 channels can be viewed through the RED TV app. It is still possible, for those who change their mind or situation, to add a decoder to the online subscription. It is optional at €3/month, also without commitment.

RED's proposal from SFR for a box without a TV:

  • 2 months free on request.
  • fixed price €25.99/month.
  • no commitment to internet subscription.
  • theoretical speed at 500 Mb/s.
  • Unlimited mobile telephony in France and landlines in +100 countries.
RED Box destinations for unlimited calls

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€18.99: Bbox fit internet subscription starts strong

A little more expensive per year, the Bbox app remains a cheap box. Especially in the first six months, during which remains at €18.99/month. From the 7th month it goes to full price which is €32.99/month. A price to remember, because here, you have to commit for a year.

Bouygues Telecom internet box without TV

Fiber and the best WiFi in this cheap internet subscription.

If an optical hub is available near you or you already have fiber, you'll benefit from the best speeds on this box without a TV. Then he can suggest up to 300 Mb/s in download And uploading. To find out, just enter your address on the Bouygues Telecom website and run the eligibility test.

Bouygues Telecom
Cheap internet box.


A technician then comes to take care of the network connection at the appointment chosen by the customer. Everything is in place for the connection to be functional. Beyond that, the online subscription allows you to connect all your devices, with the added bonus the number one WiFi in France (nPerf Barometer 2023).

Here too telephony is included with the box without TV. Calls are unlimited to all landlines in France, as well as to more than 110 foreign destinations. Customers also benefit from a permanent discount on mobile plans if they are added to their account. On the other hand, there are no channels accessible through this cheap box: you have to go through other means.

The advantages of this cheap box:

  • one of the lowest entry prices on the market, at €18.99/month.
  • best WiFi in France.
  • Very high speed via fiber optic up to 300 Mb/s.
  • unlimited calls to landlines in more than 110 regions.
  • discounts on Bouygues Telecom 5G packages.
Calculation of termination fees Bouygues Telecom.

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