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Presented several times during various State of Play events, Helldivers 2 is one of those games that the public and the press may have underestimated a bit too much before its release. Yet, since I bought the game at the time of its release, I simply haven’t been able to put it down. No doubt: Helldivers 2 is THE big cooperative nugget of this early year, and I’ll explain why.

Test conditions: I played Helldivers II on my personal PC and on my 1440p screen. My setup consists of a RTX 3080, an Intel Core i7-10700K processor, and 16GB of RAM. I tested the game both with the keyboard/mouse combo and with a Dual Sense controller plugged in via USB (I actually preferred this configuration to the first one). At the time of writing the review, I accumulated 32 hours of co-op play with two friends, more than twenty of which were solely on the weekend of the release. I tested nearly all the difficulties of the game, and at least once all the available planets since its release to the present day.

1. What is Helldivers 2?
2. Better than the best of action films
3. Small creatures can eat the big ones
4. Weapons. A maximum of weapons.
6. It’s not just your war
7. Super-Earth, there’s a problem
8. A war that is likely to last.

Readers’ Opinion:
Rating: 17.3

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