Quests Enshrouded: Complete list, how to complete them all



Enshrouded Quests: Complete List, how to complete them all

Unlike many survival games, Enshrouded does not skimp on the number of quests, with objectives that will allow you to expand your crafting possibilities. Discover how to complete your entire journal as you progress through your adventure.

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As we saw in a previous guide, progression on the Enshrouded map is made through the recipes given by several NPCs that you will need to free. These artisans will then have a lot of requests to make to you, and guess who will have to complete them? Bingo, it’s up to you! In this guide, we will see the list of all the quests that the game has to offer for the moment, with tips for completing them and the rewards they give.

  • Note: This list will be updated as we make new discoveries until it is complete.

List of flame quests

Claim a location for your base

  • Objective: Follow the path to claim your first buildable land by talking to the Flame
  • Reward: Flame Altar, 150XP

Flame Altar and base upgrades

  • Objective: Simply build a flame altar with 5 stones at the indicated location
  • Reward: 75XP

Find the sleeping survivor

  • Objective: To retrieve the blacksmith, you will have to venture into the mist for the first time. Avoid enemy camps as much as possible and just head for the crypt. Be careful, 3 enemies guard the entrance. Summon the blacksmith in a shelter to complete the quest.
  • Rewards: Blacksmith, 150XP

The huntress becomes the prey

  • Objective: Second artisan whose position will be indicated on the map, you will need the grappling hook to reach her position. Once there, expect some resistance from the local faction. Apart from a healer, you should get through it easily.
  • Rewards: Huntress, 150XP

Powerful Alchemy

  • Objective: New crypt with a small group of enemies to blow up to progress. The marauders are a fairly quick type of enemy, so be careful and be sure to feed yourself well before embarking on this quest.
  • Rewards: Alchemist, 150XP

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