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If a few years ago the choice of a mobile plan was mainly based on call hours and the number of SMS/MMS available in the plan, it is quite different nowadays. Indeed, in a society that is increasingly connected, everything now depends on the amount of internet provided by the operators. Generally, 20 GB is sufficient for the majority of French people. If you already have a plan and are not fully satisfied, the following offer may help you decide to change.

For an indefinite period, Prixtel, a mobile operator that relies on the SFR network, offers a flexible plan with an internet allowance ranging from 20 to 40 GB starting at 6.99 euros per month. As mentioned before, the question of calls and SMS/MMS is no longer an issue, as almost all plans offer them unlimited. This is also the case with this Prixtel plan, called “Le Petit.”

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Enjoy the Le Petit plan from Prixtel

If you have never heard of a flexible plan, know that these plans have the advantage of adapting to your consumption by granting you more internet when you need it. This avoids having to switch plans regularly and allows you to make significant savings. For those who already know that 20 GB will not be enough, Prixtel also has other plans that can meet their expectations.

Furthermore, all of its offers are without commitment. You can subscribe to one of its plans, and if it does not suit you, you can cancel it immediately. The operator clearly displays all the conditions, included services, and those that are not on its official website in a transparent manner. So, no bad surprises or hidden fees, Prixtel puts a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Le Petit, the flagship plan of this year

As mentioned earlier, the primary criterion for choosing a mobile plan is the amount of internet it offers. By taking a standard plan, let’s say of 100 GB for example, you have enough for the month. That said, do you really need so much data? Do you use it all every month? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Because if you are paying more than 10 euros per month and your plan is oversized, it’s like throwing money out the window. This is where flexible plans like Prixtel’s Le Petit become clever. Simply put, you have a base of 20 GB of internet every month for 6.99 euros.

Enjoy the Le Petit plan from Prixtel

Let’s say you need more. The operator has put in place a system of tiers that allows you to get two additional 10 GB blocks for 2 euros more than the base amount. If you use between 20 and 30 GB, you will be charged 8.99 euros. And between 30 GB and 40 GB, it will cost you 10.99 euros. A different approach, but ultimately advantageous for you (and your wallet).

In addition to being able to use up to 40 GB of internet in mainland France, you also have 15 GB for your trips abroad, from European Union countries and overseas departments. And unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS in France and from the EU and overseas departments. In short, a complete plan that has all the services one would expect to see in 2024.

What is a virtual operator?

A virtual operator does not have network antennas, nor physical stores or advisors. It relies on historical operators to deliver the telephony services it offers to its subscribers. In the case of Prixtel, you will benefit from the SFR network, with the same quality and coverage as if you were with them. Not having to maintain infrastructure, not having to pay rent for their stores, allows virtual operators to significantly reduce their operating costs.

They are therefore able to offer plans at much more competitive rates than those seen with traditional operators. Also, everything is digital, which means that signing up, checking your bills, managing your plan, and even customer service assistance are done only online or through the Prixtel mobile app. In short, you have your plan at your fingertips, without having to go to a store. This is extremely convenient in terms of usability.

You can also keep your current number by providing your RIO code at the time of registration. This code is obtained by calling 3179 from your current line. Prixtel will then take care of the transfer and, if you are engaged with another operator, the cancellation of your subscription. As you can see, Prixtel’s flexible plans have everything to please. Not to mention that you will benefit from the assistance of customer service, known for its responsiveness and reliability.

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