Persona 3 Reload: 10 Tips for a Successful Start

Persona 3 Reload has just been released, and you might feel like you’re falling behind the pace of the game. To start the adventure, the JV editorial team offers you some tips to manage your time and your exploration of Tartarus so you don’t feel overwhelmed in this Persona 3 remake.


Play the versatility card

Like in all Persona games, the protagonist is capable of having multiple Personae at the same time, unlike his allies who only have one. It’s a big advantage that the player must learn to master in order to progress effectively in the adventure. To be prepared for any eventuality, we recommend recruiting as many Personae as possible so that your main character has all types of attacks and spells. In this way, you will be able to defeat enemies, no matter their weakness. With a little luck, your opponents will also be weak to one of your allies’ skills, which means you can knock them down twice per turn and launch two general assaults. Normally, this should be enough to defeat them.

Don’t farm, fuse!

To come back to our previous advice, you’ll need a wide variety of Personae to exploit your enemies’ weaknesses. This means that you need to recruit Personae at the end of battles. But instead of chaining battles to level them up, as you might do with your characters, we advise you not to waste your time doing that. In all Persona games, it is always more profitable to fuse Personae to become stronger rather than repeating battles. In this way, you will obtain more powerful Personae and even more effective abilities. And to be sure that you can reach all the weaknesses, we assure you that some skills are transferable. So it’s better to spend time in the Velvet Room rather than repeating battles, at least for the Personae.

Get in the habit of using buffs and debuffs

At certain points in the adventure, you will face enemies that do not have elemental weaknesses. In that case, the best way to overcome these formidable opponents is to use buff and debuff skills, i.e. skills that increase your statistics or decrease those of the enemy. For example, Mitsuru’s Rakunda magic reduces the defense of an opponent, which is very effective in finishing them off quickly. Conversely, Akihiko has an ability that improves the precision and evasion of your allies, which is very useful for avoiding taking a hard hit. These spells should not be underestimated and can greatly simplify your life.

Specialize your allies


Make efficient progress in Tartarus

Tartarus occupies a central part of the experience in Persona 3 Reload, so it’s important to organize your exploration of it. First, as for managing free time: at one point in the adventure, Elizabeth will warn you when individuals are in the tower and you need to go save them. When a new section of Tartarus is unlocked, we recommend exploring it only when a person is lost so you can kill two birds with one stone. This way, you don’t waste two nights doing what you can do in just one.

Persona 3 Reload: 10 tips to get started

As for the actual exploration of the dungeon, first of all, remember that when you open a chest and a Shadow is nearby, the latter disappears immediately. A good tip for fleeing. Then, as soon as you see a teleporter, we invite you to use it to return to the entrance and save before going back up. In this way, you can be prepared for any eventuality. If Persona 3 Reload is much easier than the base game, it is not uncommon to come across a fight that you can lose due to a run of bad luck.

Which reward to choose in Tartarus?

At the end of certain battles, you will have the opportunity to choose between different cards that represent rewards. Faced with this decision, you may feel lost, but we have ranked a certain order of priority among the things that might interest you. First of all, choose Major Arcana, but not for their bonus. After collecting three, then five cards, this creates an Arcana Burst that increases the level of rewards and becomes very useful for the future.

Persona 3 Reload: 10 tips to get started

Then, coming back to our first point concerning the versatility of your character, Personae that you do not possess are the first choices to prioritize. There’s no need to select a creature you already have, as it would only give it experience that we are not interested in. Afterwards, your priority should go to money, which allows you to buy equipment and stay at the right level. And the further you progress in the story, the more expensive it gets, so it quickly becomes a resource that is in short supply.

Once you’ve gotten past those three elements, the rest is quite secondary. We recommend choosing experience next, which still has its uses, even if we naturally keep it after each battle. Then, why not take the skill cards which have little interest if you merge regularly. And finally, the restoration cards should really only be chosen as a last resort, as you don’t necessarily need to heal after every battle.

Free time

Manage your time wisely with your allies

Persona 3 Reload: 10 tips to get started

Like all episodes of the series after 3, Persona 3 Reload is a blend of role-playing game, visual novel, and dating sim, which is reflected through the daily life of our hero. This takes up a large part of the experience, if not the majority, so it is important to manage your time well to avoid wasting it. Overall, we recommend prioritizing relationships that are about to increase because this strengthens your fusions in the Velvet Room. However, spending time with someone whose link won’t progress is not a waste, as at the next meeting you are sure that the relationship will advance. Take this into account for characters who are only available on certain days, such as the student council member or the MMORPG player. On the other hand, spending time with Elizabeth does not pass the time, so you are free to do them whenever you want.

Unlike Persona 4 and 5, there are no social links with each of the members of your close friend group with whom you fight Shadows. On the other hand, Persona 3 Reload introduces moments spent with the S.E.E.S. members in the evening, which are still interesting for two reasons. First, after a certain number of “dates”, these companions can unlock a new passive ability that can even be strengthened if you spend more time with them. This is a very practical aspect for combat that we strongly advise you to prioritize.

Persona 3 Reload: 10 tips to get started

Then, some moments spent with them allow you to improve some of your social stats, such as knowledge, charm, and courage. This is a way to kill two birds with one stone. Finally, the other interesting element of the evening concerns the nocturnal walks with Koromaru, the group’s dog. By taking him out, you can collect more or less practical items, but that is not the most important point. Sometimes, you may come across people you have relationships with, which will improve your relationships with them the next time you spend time with them during the day.

What attitude to adopt regarding social skills?

In order to be able to enjoy certain links and services, your character will need to have reached a certain level in the three social stats, namely, courage, charm, and knowledge. These skills can be improved in different ways, such as by going to eat at the restaurant, answering well in class, or spending time with certain allies. At the beginning of the adventure, you may be tempted to quickly maximize these stats in order to access certain relationships, such as those of the three S.E.E.S. girls, for example. However, we advise you not to focus on these elements for several reasons.

Persona 3 Reload: 10 tips to get started

First of all, throughout the adventure, these skills can be improved at times that don’t pass the time and that you are forced to do. We are thinking, for example, of giving the right answer in class or finishing first on exams, which are mandatory passages, so free to improve your skills. And then, you sometimes have dedicated moments for these skills that are the ideal opportunity to boost them. Before exams, your classmates organize study sessions that can give you up to three extra knowledge points, which is the highest in the game.

Throughout the adventure, there are many small opportunities to raise the skills here and there, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. Finally, on evenings when you have nothing to do, that is, no friends to interact with, relationships to progress, or Tartarus exploration to do, then you can raise these skills. But be careful, some activities give more or less than others. At night, the most effective option is to go to ramen, fish, or burger restaurants, which respectively give you charm, charm, and knowledge. Beware of activities that raise two stats at once, as they will only give you one point in each of the two stats. To manage your time well, we recommend prioritizing relationships during the day and dedicating the evening to skills if no other option is available.

Don’t forget the cybercafé and the hacker

Persona 3 Reload: 10 tips to get started

Another element not to forget if you have no important activity available is what you can do on the computer in the living room. At the cybercafé or with the hacker in the nightclub, you can buy programs and URLs that give you access to very useful things. Certainly, you can buy elements that serve to raise your social stats, but that’s not the most interesting. From these vendors, certain computer contents allow you to unlock very practical things such as permanent stat boosts, but also new skills. This is particularly the case with Ambush, which allows you to rush enemies and attack them so that they start battles in distress. From there, you just have to attack them to deliver a critical blow and knock them down, which is the perfect opportunity for a general assault and finish them off quickly. In short, don’t underestimate these vendors who can prove to be very useful when you have free time.

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