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Yesterday, Starbreeze revealed that “sales and player activity [of PAYDAY 3] are currently at significantly lower levels” than desired by management. The studio also announced that a statement will be made in February regarding the changes and improvements to come in an attempt to win back disappointed players from the catastrophic launch. It didn’t take long for everything to be shared.

Starbreeze announces a ton of changes coming to PAYDAY 3

Starbreeze has indeed announced numerous changes coming in 2024. It has again mentioned the solo mode and the offline mode, as well as improvements regarding stability, matchmaking and server navigation.

The progression system and the user interface also received some attention. Finally, the studio mentioned the overly expensive DLC, as well as the arrival of new content this year.

All the details are to be discovered below in French. Next week, a developer blog will be published and the studio promises to keep the community informed throughout the year of the progress made on all these points.

PAYDAY 3 is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. It is available on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and playable through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

All the new features and changes coming to PAYDAY 3

Solo and offline mode

First and foremost, we will develop a standalone solo mode that you can access without going through the matchmaking system. It will be a local game, on your own machine, so you don’t have to connect to a server.

We plan for a deployment in two phases:

  • The first phase will still require an online connection to our backend systems for progression, unlocks, etc.
  • Phase 2 will aim to improve the implementation of the solo mode and allow you to play the game without needing a permanent internet connection. You will need to intermittently connect to our management system to download your progression, but you will also be able to play offline. We will need to provide details on how this will work.

As cooperative play will still depend on connecting to another machine somewhere, we are looking to implement the solution that offers the best balance between reliability, latency, and overall experience. Our technical leads have evaluated options over the past few months and will be able to share more details on the solution in the near future.

Stability, matchmaking, and server browser

Regarding cooperative play. Our matchmaking system is not very efficient in bringing players together. We have planned a number of social and cooperative features for the year, as well as a redesign of our matchmaking system to make it much more robust.

Until these features are in place, the current matchmaking will be supported by a quick game feature, ensuring that you can reliably play with other players. Later in the year, we are considering returning to a server browser like Crime.Net.

Challenge-based progression

Based on your feedback, as part of our Replayability and progression initiative, our current challenge-based progression has not met the goals we set for ourselves, which is why we have decided to remove the current system.

Challenges will be removed and infamy progression will now be tied to heist completion. In this framework, we will review all current heist payout values, add a scale by secure bag for infamy points, as well as a new bonus rewarding strong play styles. The existing challenge framework will be reoriented to provide cosmetic rewards for hardcore achievements instead.

User Interface Revision

We will work on creating a more intuitive interface that better explains what is happening around the player, including a simplified friends menu and a menu interface that better communicates the heist theme. We will make improvements and, ultimately, a redesign of most current interfaces throughout 2024.

New Content

Furthermore, we intend to uphold and expand our promises of new content. There are still 3 DLCs planned for 2024, and we intend to add another free heist for PAYDAY 3 during this same period.

We will also deploy skill trees, cosmetic items, rewards, a free primary LMG, and much more throughout the year.

DLC Prices

We have received feedback regarding DLC prices that do not meet player expectations. Therefore, we are currently reviewing the prices of upcoming DLCs.

In-Game Store

Once we are satisfied with the improvements we intend to bring to PAYDAY 3, we will revisit this topic in 2025.

Unreal Engine 5

We have reassigned resources dedicated to the Unreal Engine 5 update to work on improving the PAYDAY 3 experience. Since the UE5 update will not directly address current issues, we will revisit this topic as soon as we have the opportunity.

Initial Focus

Many of the mentioned elements require preparation or other features in place to be implemented. There are a number of items we can start working on immediately. So, we have compiled a list of goals we would like to achieve by summer 2024. We will not go into the details of these subjects, but we will list them here:

  • Quick match v1
  • Renaming of loads
  • Smaller recurring content
  • Controller improvements
  • Vote to kick
  • Rotating stealth modifiers
  • Queue button
  • “Play again” feature
  • Merging players into a group after the match
  • Daily activities with rewards
  • Mask vendor with weekly inventory rotation
  • Improvement of communication wheel v1

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